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pastures and canyons of the Medicine Valley. Campus activities as an Aggie student were focused on his course- work. He was a member of Collegiate Cattlemen and Collegiate Farm Bureau.

The NCTA home

its NCTA professors for swiftly adjusting their teaching styles. He fin- ished his final eight weeks of classes online in Wyoming, about 250 miles away from cam- pus. “It (remote class- es) was a big change for me,” he admits. “I would go out and work all day on the farm, then come in at night and sit down before I went to bed and get to my assignments.” Fortunately, he says, he took a lighter load of 12 hours this semester, expecting to be trav- eling to more cattle

shows and away from campus on weekends in March and April. That all changed with COVID-19. “So I was happy to get done what I had done before this year,” he adds. For the first two years at NCTA, Keller says he took advantage of enrolling in every animal science or live- stock class that he could, including a com- prehensive capstone course required for livestock, equine and crops production ma- jors. In the capstone

course, students write a business plan after researching all facets of a ownership/pro- duction enterprise. Students also cov- er topics such as legal issues for business, land and animal own- ership. The course couples assignments in ag economics and production manage- ment, helpful for his family’s business mar- keting club calves as Keller Cattle. Keller had received an NCTA Dean’s Scholarship when he started as an Aggie in August 2017.


When the coronavi- rus pandemic caused colleges to switch to remote learning, the transition was a chal- lenge for hands-on activities. Keller cred-

help for an area ranch- er, sometimes working cattle but more of- ten helping control the invasive eastern red ce- dar trees growing in

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