EXPLO Financial Aid 2020

EXPLO Financial Aid EXPLO is serious about financial aid. For us, making sure that students from all walks of life — geographic, socio-economic, cultural — are able to attend our summer programs is paramount, so we work incredibly hard to provide as many grants and scholarships to as many qualified students as possible. The financial aid process is quite competitive. Please take a moment to read through this and the following pages to better understand the differences between grants and scholarships, the criteria necessary to apply for each, and the path that makes the most sense for your family. Grant or Scholarship? Families who are able to afford the program but are looking to defray a portion of the tuition should apply for a grant. They should not apply for a scholarship. Scholarships are for students who are not able to attend EXPLO without a more significant financial award. The chart below outlines the key differences between grants and scholarships based on our 3-week options. On the following pages, we outline the differences for each program option in further detail.



Up to $1,650 (3-week options)


Up to 65% of tuition

Financial Need

Financial Need + Merit

Based on

Deposit Required

No Deposit


Space guaranteed only for students awarded scholarships

Space guaranteed in program

Enrollment Status

Application Process: Grant vs. Scholarship Grant Process: Enrollment is required before applying for a grant.


Pay Tuition Minus Grant

Submit Completed FAF + Required Materials

Complete EXPLO Application

Grant Decisions


Pay Deposit


Pay Full Tuition

Rolling Deadline

Tuition Due: May 1

Scholarship Process: Enrollment is contingent upon being selected to receive a scholarship.


Pay Tuition Minus Scholarship


Submit Completed FAF + Required Materials

Complete EXPLO Application

Scholarship Decisions

If space is available, you may still pay full tuition and enroll. Be aware, space is often no longer available following decision announcements.


Submission DEADLINE March 1

Sent End of April

Family Contribution Due: June 1

Questions? Before applying, we strongly recommend you contact our Admission Office at 781.762.7400.


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