EXPLO Financial Aid 2020

Grants Families may apply for a grant for up to two EXPLO sessions . Grants are awarded based only on the financial need of the family. Award amounts are offered on a sliding scale, ranging up to the maximum amounts listed below.

Grant Application Checklist

Completed online student application for appropriate program (3-week, 2-week, and 1-week options)

MaximumGrant Award/Session


3-week residential option

Paid deposit

UPLOAD signed and completed Financial Aid Form


3-week day option


2-week concentration course

UPLOAD copies of 2019 Federal Tax Return(s) Form 1040 Signature: physical or e-file page • A Note on Taxes: In order to consider your family for an award, we must receive your 2019 taxes by April 19th, 2020. We recommend submitting your 2018 taxes as soon as possible as a means of reserving funds while they are available. • Black out social security numbers • Do not send state taxes UPLOAD all 201 9 W-2/1099/SSI Form(s) Parent/Guardian #1 Forms Parent/Guardian #2 Forms • If sending 2018 taxes first, also submit 2018 W-2/1099(s)


1-week concentration course

$250 (Max of two sessions)


If your family can afford EXPLO with up to this amount of financial assistance, you should apply for a grant.

To apply for a grant, you first fill out the EXPLO application and pay the deposit. This guarantees your student a spot in the program. The remaining tuition (minus a possible grant award) is due in full by May 1. You will receive an email granting access to the Financial Aid Materials Submission Space within two business day s of submitting your EXPLO Student Application.

Grant Calendar Rolling Deadline

Grants are offered on a rolling basis until the summer begins as long as there is still funding and space available in our programs. We typically notify grant recipients about awards within three weeks of receiving a complete financial aid application.

DIVORCED/SEPARATED PARENTS For families in which parents are divorced or separated, we require each parent to upload all financial information and complete the online Financial Aid Form. We understand it may be difficult to provide this information for both parents, but we reserve the right to make a decision based on the information we do or do not have at the application deadline. NOTE: All parents/guardians listed on the EXPLO student application will receive communications from the Financial Aid Departmen t.

March 1 Deposits become non-refundable.

May 1 If you received a grant, the remaining portion of the full tuition is due by today.


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