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Personal cash flow worksheet This worksheet can help you see where your money is going and develop a budget.

Cash Inflow—Identify all potential sources of income Monthly amount


Spouse A gross salary Spouse B gross salary Interest income (CDs, fixed income) Dividends/Capital gains (stock, mutual funds) Rental income Annuity payments Trust distributions Unemployment benefits Severance pay Other Total

Cash Inflow—Identify all expenses and classify the expense as “essential” or “discretionary.” Monthly amount Essential Expense

Discretionary Expense

Food Housing (mortgage/rent) Utilities (heat, electricity, water, etc.) Taxes (state/federal income, real estate, etc.) Medical-related Insurance premium Transportation Clothing Personal care Entertainment Recreation/Hobbies Gifts/Charity Home improvements IRA/Savings account contributions Loan payments Education costs/Tuition Credit card payments

Other Other Other Total We're here to help Schedule a call with a financial services professional today. Get started now.


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