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Job loss affects the entire family A job loss can lead to changes in family roles, relationships, and responsibilities. And even though it’s you searching for a new opportunity, your entire family is affected. Your instinct may be to protect your family from a stressful situation and the unpleasant news of a job loss, but keeping the information a secret has the potential to do more harm than good. Be honest with your loved ones about your job situation and involve them in major decisions. Working together as a family will help you thrive, even in a difficult time.

n  Keep your spouse in the loop. Tell them about your job search plans, keep them informed, and update them on career developments. Most importantly, let them know that you welcome their involvement and support. n  Listen to their concerns. Realize that your family members are concerned about you and your future. Most likely, they are also concerned about the stability of their family. Give them a chance to talk about their concerns and offer suggestions regarding your job search. n  Maintain an open dialogue with your children. Parents want to protect their children from harm or bad news, so you may feel that hiding a job loss from them is more

beneficial. However, when children are permitted to “write their own stories,” they tend to imagine a scenario far worse than reality, which can wind up being even more stressful. n  Involve the whole family. Enlist the help of your family to search the newspaper or internet for job opportunities. Make it a fun activity to compile a list of creative ways to trim expenses or add to the family income until you get settled into your new job. n  Take advantage of family time. Help the whole family to stay positive by setting aside regular time to enjoy each other’s company and let off steam.

It is important to let children know about a job loss and how it will impact the family. But, try not to overburden them with the responsibility of too many emotional or financial details.

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