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Helpful hint... If your application for unemployment benefits is denied, you have a right to formally appeal the decision. Typically, your state will schedule an informal hearing where you can present any evidence to support your appeal, including personnel files, witness statement, or letters from your former employer.

What about health insurance benefits?

n  Continued eligibility verification is typically required. In order to continue receiving benefits, once approved, you must verify your eligibility on an ongoing basis. In return for your unemployment benefits, you will be expected to make reasonable efforts to find new employment. Some states may require proof of your job search efforts, so maintain a log outlining every position you have applied for, along with each interview you have had, any follow-up efforts, and the result of each. If you secure a job while collecting unemployment, you must immediately notify your unemployment agency and stop claiming benefits to avoid an overpayment and penalty fines. n  Part-time work may reduce unemployment benefits. Many states allow you to work part-time

After a job loss, a primary concern for most will be their health insurance benefits. Most employers will offer you the opportunity to continue the company-sponsored group medical and/or dental insurance coverage

under the federal law, COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act). If you elect

COBRA, your company will continue to pay the employer portion of the health care premium for a defined period of time, typically 18 months. When leaving your job, consult with your former human resources department to understand when your employee benefits will end, when COBRA begins, how long COBRA lasts, and the cost of insurance you will be responsible for.

while collecting unemployment benefits, as long as you meet

certain criteria. You must continue to seek full-time employment and remain available for full-time work. Unemployment benefits will generally be reduced by the amount of your part-time income.

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