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JUNE 2019


enjoy participating in a regularly scheduled exercise class, others may find it easier to just increase their daily activities, like walking. It’s never too late to start moving Physical activity is important, and can help you live independently for as long as possible. However, if you have chronic aches and pains, it can be difficult to exercise. This lack of physical activity can make the condition worse and more difficult to live with. This is where aquatic therapy can really help you. Aquatic therapy offers a very safe environment in order for you to get your body moving again. The temperature of the water helps to reduce inflammation and pain. It also provides benefits to many of your other organs as well. Not only do we relieve your aches and pains quickly, we can help you maintain your new pain-free mobility. Our knowledgeable physical therapists are experts in muscle and joint problems, helping you return quickly to normal pain free function. At Fit Physical Therapy we listen to you and create custom aquatic therapy programs and hands on treatments that alleviate your pain, improve balance, improve movement and walking while getting you back to doing normal everyday tasks with a healthier outlook on life. Call us today or go online to learn more!

INSIDE : • Staying Active & Becoming Better Balanced • How Is Your Balance? Scientists used to think that strenuous exercise was the only way to improve your health. However, new research suggests that just 30 minutes of moderate physical activity provides most of the health benefits needed. Moderate intensity is best, but even low-intensity activity is better than nothing. While some people may Do you find yourself not as active as you use to be? As you age, you lose muscle and bone mass leading to the development of problems such as back pain, arthritis or osteoporosis. This makes it harder to do normal everyday activities like squatting down, getting out of bed, walking and more. Regular exercise and physical therapy slows the loss of muscle mass, strengthens bones and reduces joint or muscle pain. In addition, physical therapy improves mobility and balance, which reduces the risk of falling as you age or suffering a serious injury.

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