Vibrant Vietnam - 2007

H OA S UA T RAINING R ESTAURANT It continued to drip and spit at us when we looked into a Taoist temple and drove through the city streets, stunned at the phalanxes of scooters coming at us from every direction. The drivers and riders were covered in slick, colorful plastic raincoats and barreled merrily on through the puddles heedless of splashes or traffic menaces.

Our lunch spot was down a small alley and into a sheltered outdoor patio where our food was prepared and served by a cooking school student population. The school was founded so underprivileged boys and girls could learn a profitable trade. Since English was not a requirement for entry into the school, we did have some fun interacting with the students who were waiting on tables. Charades, pointing, gesturing, and a willingness to accept whatever was

brought to the table bridged the language barrier and we enjoyed the meal very much!


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