Vibrant Vietnam - 2007

On this excursion, we were introduced to the typical Vietnamese buildings: very narrow structures (like our Southern “shotgun” houses) usually two storied with a 2 nd floor balcony. These homes and town edifices were most often painted on the front side only, with the other three walls left bare. The highway traffic was wild, but the drivers seemed to know the rules of the road here too. A two-lane highway often became three lanes as trucks, cars, and scooters created a passing lane where none really existed. After the quiet traffic in Laos, the honking and tootling here were loud and intrusive. There were Daewoo, Toyotas, Mercedes, BMWs (cars & trucks) jostling for position. We even spotted one truck with a clearly anachronistic sign still emblazoned on its side: “Trucking from Elizabeth, New Jersey.” Now we know where some of our used cars and trucks end up!


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