Vibrant Vietnam - 2007

K AYAKING AT S UNRISE We had a wonderful early morning experience on the bay when we hopped into kayaks and did our own exploring around the karst islands, enjoying the sunrise as it dispelled the silvery early morning light on the waters. We were disappointed in the paucity of bird life, but perhaps the overfishing has left the birds nothing much to eat either. We did see a couple of what appeared to be fishing eagles, but the crewman who accompanied us so we would not get lost in the maze of islands and skerries did not know much of anything about birds.

Our return to the port at the resort town of Halong brought us the surprise of reuniting with Lan! We had previously not known what had happened to him, but now we heard his story. He had been involved in a scooter accident with two other scooters and his had been totaled though he was unhurt. Neither of the other drivers was hurt but their vehicles were all damaged also. There is no such thing as vehicle insurance in Vietnam, so the losses were the individuals’ own to bear. However, the police take a dim view of accidents and all three had to go to the station and give statements so that a report could be filed. Strangely enough, Lan did not seem terribly upset over his loss but then maybe he was just grateful he had not been hurt nor had he hurt anyone else. However, he did maintain that he was not the cause of the accident.


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