Vibrant Vietnam - 2007

Even in the central market, we would find ourselves blocked by deep water in one aisle and have to turn around and try to find an open one to continue our explorations. As we searched for a recommended lunch spot, the Cargo Club, right on the river, we had to try many of the city’s roads before we could find a way to enter the restaurant, which was flooding at its back door even as we sat eating a really delicious lunch! A typical park bench on the esplanade below the Japanese Bridge was our final evidence that Hoi An was really filling up with water. When we started out exploring on foot, the bench was sitting high and dry above the water. When we returned from our lunch and started back towards our hotel, the bench was completely engulfed! At 7 AM the next day we were on the road towards the ancient city of My Son where the Cham people had built their holy precinct (and where the French had excavated as mentioned in the Da Nang section). We were eager to see the large ruined temples and other edifices connected with this culture. However, we should have known it was not to be because it stormed during the night and the river was even higher. Our driver tried 4 or 5 different exits from the city and all were closed off by the rising waters.


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