Vibrant Vietnam - 2007

It was misting as we disembarked in front of the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel on a wide and tree-lined street. The hotel was originally built by the French in 1901 and has been modernized and renovated into a luxuriously comfortable facility.

The bed linens alone were simply magnificent: blindingly white, soft as a feather, light as a perfect croissant, and so comfortable that we wanted to forget about sightseeing at all—just staying in the hotel in bed would have been a marvelous experience! The several hostesses in the lobby, one of whom accompanied us to our rooms, were dressed in creamy white “ao dais,” which draped and folded over their slender frames most attractively. They also wore charming little cloche-like hats which highlighted their black hair and delicately featured faces. Each one was a dream of Asian femininity and beauty. The hotel matched their simple loveliness with an unostentatious style of elegance and fascination. It was probably my favorite hotel in Indochina!


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