Investigate ways to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Practices for our organisation.

Investigate and develop a potential benevolent fund, to support Community Sorry Business and support community members. Month: November 2023 Responsibility: Director of People Culture and Change Investigate purchasing subscribe to Aboriginal-owned newspapers and magazines to put them into your waiting room of face to face service. Month: February 2022 Responsibility: Director of Marketing Ensure existing Employee Assistance Programs are culturally appropriate and all employees know how to access them. Month: April 2022 Responsibility: Communication Manager Actively support and provide programs that positively impact Social and Emotional Wellbeing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Month: September 2023 Responsibility: Director, People Culture & Change Develop and implement 6 culturally safe Podcast series, sharing interviews with local elders describing stories of holistic wellbeing. Month: February 2022 – June 2022 Responsibility: APCPO Develop and implement monthly virtual Wellbeing Circle for staff to attend and learn about connection and traditional healing. Month: February 2022- December 2022 Responsibility: APCPO Develop and display poster advertising Virtual Wellbeing Circle sessions in each of Momentum’s sites across the region. Month: February 2022 Responsibility: AES

Improve health, social and emotional wellbeing (SEWB) for Aboriginal

and Torres Strait Islander people.


Momentum Collective

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