Message fromCEO

Momentum Collective is proud of all that has been achieved in our Reconciliation Action Plan journey and we are delighted to launch the next phase to progress our reconciliation initiatives. Momentum Collective is turning good intentions into positive actions to build strong, trusting relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities we support. Our RAP is endorsed and supported from our board through to our front line staff as a meaningful, living document representing our organisation’s values and is embedded into our strategic plans and core business activities. As a community provider, we are committed to working towards reconciliation both within Momentum Collective and in our communities across Northern NSW and South East Queensland.

We would like to thank the many Momentum Collective employees, our partners, advisory committee and others involved in developing the 2021 - 2023 RAP. Thank you for your hard work, we look forward to honouring the commitment we have made in this RAP as we work towards true reconciliation and lasting change. We encourage everyone to embrace this journey with openness, courage and mindfulness, to grow from the challenges and build on the successes.

Tracey Mackie Chief Executive Officer Momentum Collective


Momentum Collective

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