Bio Future of Medicine 2018

Future of Medicine Partners + Advisors

David Mulligan, M.D. Chief of Transplantation Surgery + Immunology, Yale-New Haven Medical Center

Dr. Mulligan is a multiorgan transplant surgeon with premier expertise in liver transplantation. He spent 15 years at the Mayo Clinic where he built a multiorgan transplant program that became the top in the United States boasting the best long-term patient and graft survival rates. He is now the chief of transplantation surgery and immunology at Yale-New Have Medical Center where he leads a patient-centered, collaborative team at the cutting edge of science. He has been an active leader for multiple national and international organizations, and led major efforts focused on reducing the disparity of access to life-saving livers in the U.S. across our current geographic areas.

Bakul Patel Associate Director for Digital Health, Food and Drug Administration

Bakul Patel is associate director for digital health, at the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH), at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Mr. Patel leads regulatory policy and scientific efforts at the Center in areas related to emerging and converging areas of medical devices, wireless, and information technology. This includes responsibilities for mobile health, health information technology, cyber security, medical device interoperability, and medical device software. He also chairs the International Medical Device Regulators Forum (IMDRF) “software as a medical device” working group, a position he has held since the IMDRF’s inception in 2013.

Alexandra Jane Lansky, M.D., FESC, FACC, FSCAI, FAHA Professor of Medicine (Cardiology), Yale School of Medicine

Alexandra J. Lansky, M.D., is Professor of Medicine in the section of Cardiology at the Yale School of Medicine and a practicing cardiologist at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Dr. Lansky joined Yale in 2010 as Director of the Yale Heart and Vascular Clinical Research Program and the Cardiovascular Research Center (YCRC), which specializes in the conduct of national and international cardiovascular clinical trials with specific expertise in the evaluation of interventional devices. She most recently received a dual appointment as Chair of Cardiovascular Research at Queen Mary University in London as part of the Yale and London-based Barts Heart Center transatlantic research collaboration. She has dedicated her career to leading clinical and angiographic evaluations of more than 500 clinical trials in a broad range of ischemic cardiovascular therapeutic areas, including pharmacologic and interventional device trials, many of which are landmark trials in the field and/or leading to FDA approval in the United States.

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