Smith Gardens 2019 Trial Guidelines


Who We Are

The Smith Gardens Trial Site was established in 2013. Located at our Marysville, Washington facility, its primary focus is to trial new and old genetics to determine how they thrive in the Pacific Northwest climate. The site consists of 18 raised beds 6 feet wide by 51 feet long, 6 hanging basket racks, and 0.25 acre of field space utilized to trial product in various containers. In 2015 , we launched our first annual Smith Gardens New Variety Showcase. We invite fellow members of the Horticulture industry to spend the day touring the gardens, meeting with breeders, discovering what is new and not yet to market and see how the product actually performs in the PNW climate. Not only is this trial space beneficial to the SGI team and other members in the Horticulture industry it is also a space for our customers to come and see how varieties would perform, both in a retail setting as well as in a homeowners landscape.


Ways to Trial

Paid-In Trial Program Showcased at the Trial Garden Event. Focused on landscape look. Not focused on pot data.

Breeder Trials Specific to what the breeders request to be trialed Data will be taken based on what is requested SGI Retail Trial Reporting Varieties are chosen by Smith Gardens and are priced per variety. Trials include timed data collection from planting to finish. Progression photos, height graphs, grower information, and data points are all included in the documentation.


aid In Trials

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS Local Growers, teachers, retailers, brokers and most importantly customers walk the trial gardens to see the magnificent display each year. Not only do they get to see the plants at peak performance, they also have an opportunity to see the overall longevity of the crop for the consumer. NEW for the 2019 season: Smith Gardens is now part of the National Plant Trials Database. This is a centralized location for breeders to view, manage, and share all of their trials information. As participants of the ‘Paid in Trials’ program, monthly photos and data will be taken and added to the site; *** Please note that you must be a member of the Plant Trials group in order to benefit from this addition. Please contact to apply. There are 18 raised beds (305SF each), 2 landscape beds (510SF each), 200 hanging baskets and 500 planters available to purchase for trials. WHAT IT IS Our Paid In Trial program allows breeders to be a part of our annual garden event. They decide what varieties will be grown and showcased in the raised beds, landscape beds, planters and hanging baskets.


Raised Beds Full Bed: $6,000 per season

Hanging Baskets $60 for 3 - 12” Hanging Baskets

75 varieties maximum for Annuals 37 varieties maximum for Perennials Half Bed: $3,600 per season 37 varieties maximum for Annuals 18 varieties maximum for Perennials Landscape Beds Single Bed: $4,000 per season Annuals only Quantity dependent on varieties chosen

Minimum 3 baskets per mix/variety


aid in Trials


December 15th All varieties for paid in trials submitted via email to:

January 1st All shipping confirmations stating when seed/URC/Liner/Plug will arrive need to be emailed to: Disclaimer In order for the gardens to be viewed at their peak we need to adhere to a strict planting schedule. The entire garden is planted in week 20 (mid May). All trial material needs to be grown at their own specified crop time to ensure quality. Smith Gardens is not responsible for plant material that does not arrive on the specified week to ensure proper planting timing. Participating companies will be billed for 30% down at the beginning of the trial and then invoiced the remaining fee prior to week 20, (30 days net) unless otherwise requested from the participant.


reeder Trials

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS Thorough data is collected throughout the plants life cycle and transposed into an easy to read SGI formatted report. The trials also allow participants a space in the PNW to meet their breeding and/or growing objectives and see first hand how their varieties progress in the Pacific Northwest climate. COSTS WHAT IT IS Trials that are requested by a breeder for Smith Gardens to grow out and report findings based on communicated objectives specified by the breeder. Plants are grown out in breeder specified manner in accordance to Smith Gardens greenhouse abilities.

Submission Fee: $1,000

If propagation of material is required: $50 per variety Limit one tray per variety All material must be sent to Pacific Plug & Liner

Hanging Basket and Container Cost Per Pot

1.0QT (8 pots per flat) $2.50/pot

10" Hanging basket $14.50/basket 12" Hanging basket $16.50/basket

Minimum of 5 baskets

Minimum of 8 pots required 2.5QT (6 inch) (6 pots per flat) $3.75/pot Minimum of 6 pots required 3.0QT (8 inch) $5.75/pot Minimum of 4 pots required

Minimum of 5 baskets

10" Planter

$14.50/planter Minimum of 5 planters $16.50/planter Minimum of 5 planters

12" Planter

reeder Trials


Please submit requested variety list to

Planting Seasons for Perennials Early Season Trials (spring flowering) January –March Planting will take place weeks 35-39 (2018) Spring Trials (late spring flowering; no vernalization requirements) April-June Planting will take place weeks 5-13 Summer Trials (summer flowering) July –August Planting will take place weeks 13-22 Fall Trials (fall flowering) September – October Planting will take place weeks 26-33 Product Arrival Deadline Product must arrive no later than 2 weeks prior to planting. Planting dates will be scheduled with Denise Kelly and the SGI Trials team. Disclaimer All trial material must be submitted and approved by Denise Mullins prior to arrival at the Marysville facility. Any unapproved product will not be inlcluded in the trial program. Planting Seasons for Annuals Seasonality and site placement is dependent on Genus and program


SGI Retail Trials WHAT IT IS Trials based on items already available on the market. Varieties are chosen by customer request and/or Smith Gardens. Reports created consist of progression photos of each variety as well as crop times, progressional height graphs and an overall data point graph. Regular data related to how each variety performs throughout its life cycle are also noted.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS This report will give an overall view of how each variety performed in its chosen season in the pacific northwest. This information is relayed back to our customers, sales and production teams and is utilized in future planning.

COST $30 per variety reported No minimum on quantity of how many varieties breeders request data on

DEADLINES Spring trial reports will be disseminated in July/August.

Summer trial reports will be disseminated in August/September. Breeders will have an option to buy data once reports are finalized. Please email Denise Mullins ( by May 15th with request to purchase reports.

Contact & Shipping Information Contact Denise Mullins , Trials Director Phone: 360-685-5279

Email: Address: 4164 Meridian Street, Suite 400 Bellingham, WA 98226 Trial Facility Information Smith Gardens Inc.

6410- 132nd Street N.E Marysville, WA 98271 360-653-8045

Propagation Facility Information Pacific Plug & Liner 750 Casserly Road Watsonville, CA 95076

831-768-6300 Please Note: All product, upon approval, should be shipped C/O Denise Mullins, Trials Director


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