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February 2018

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From One Beautiful Wilderness to the Next

members are very supportive of one another, too, and we enjoy potlucks, birthdays, and holiday gatherings throughout the year. We know a visit to the dentist can be scary. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience in the past or maybe you just don’t like having your teeth cleaned. Our staff will help you feel comfortable, and we’ll do whatever we can to make a visit to the dentist a better experience for you. Trust and respect are the two foundations of any relationship, and that’s what we hope to develop with our patients. Know that we’re not just here to tell you what to do for your teeth. We offer you options so you can figure out which treatment is best for you. What I enjoy most about this job is getting to know my patients and providing compassionate service to them. We improve the quality of people’s lives, because to better someone’s oral health betters their whole health. It’s an incredible job.

Star Valley makes the perfect place for our kids to learn about the outdoors and give back. Did you know the national average for Boy Scouts who become Eagle Scouts is just 2 percent, but here in the valley, it’s over 50 percent? I think that number tells you something about our community. We learn hard work, discipline, and an appreciation for the outdoors here. Scouts perform thousands of hours of service each year, and all four of my boys have been a part of it. As a parent and scoutmaster, I’ve watched hundreds of young men advance from Cub Scouts all the way to Eagle Scouts, learning skills and interests along the way. When he was earning his merit badges, my son enjoyed getting his dentist badge. Today, he’s a dentist practicing in Oregon, and works in our office once a month completing implants and surgeries. Our community is very important to our work team, too, and we strive to give back, from community service to patient appreciation. Each year, we devote a day to our veterans. Two times a year, we go out and clean a section of the highway. We put on barbecues, monthly drawings, and other fun activities for our patients. Our team

I grew up in Canada, where we made the most of our cold winters and green forests. We spent every season outdoors, from snowmobiling and skiing to camping, hiking, and fishing. My father was a truck driver, so he was gone a lot when we were kids. He was a hard worker and provided for our family, even though his job meant traveling many miles every week. Seeing that as a kid, I thought, “If I ever have a family, I’d like to be around when they are involved in sports and plays.” When I got older, I wondered, “How can I provide for my family and be home more than my dad got to be?” After going to dental school in Nebraska, I considered returning to Canada to practice, but I fell in love with Wyoming. It’s a close match to our northern wilderness, and my kids enjoy many of the same activities I loved as a kid. We’ve lived here for 28 years now, and it’s a beautiful place to work and raise a family. The answer, it turned out, was dentistry.

Feel free to call us if you have any questions. We look forward to meeting you!

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