Kelly Law September 2017


I 15 YEARS AND COUNTING Why I Love the Work I Do at Kelly Law started at Kelly Law back in 2002 as a law clerk still studying at law school. By the time I graduated in 2003, it was clear tome that this was a teamof passionate, driven people that I should stick with for as long as I could. So I stayed on, and 15 years later, I’d say it was the perfect decision. As a personal injury attorney, there are few things more gratifying than the feeling I get at the end of my client’s case, knowing that not only did I do the absolute best for the client I possibly could, but that I accomplishedmore for them than anyone else had. That feeling, that you’ve exhausted all possible avenues for recovery and achieved the greatest imaginable result for the client, can only come after thorough investigation and analysis. As a team, we ensure that we locate and consider all potential coverage available while working to get the client’s medical bills and liens reduced as much as we can. Most firms just force their clients to pay liens out of their settlement, reducing the amount of money the client receives. They either just pay the liens outright or leave the client to fend for themselves. I’m proud to be part of a firm that truly works to maximize the money our clients get in their pockets, allowing them to focus on their health and recovery. I make sure every decision during a case is in the best interest of nobody but the client. It’s funny; people always talk about how eager Americans seem to be to sue each

“I’m proud to be part of a firm that truly works to maximize the money our clients get in their pocket, allowing them to focus on their health and recovery.” other these days, taking one another to court at the drop of a hat. In my experience, this is simply untrue. Our clients are in pain and weighed down with exorbitant medical costs and missed work. All they want is the peace of mind that comes from knowing their bills will be covered so they can focus on the business of getting better. We file suit when the insurance companies force us to that point, but in reality, few of our clients want to end up in court.

1 In the cases that do end up in front of a jury, you can bet we’ll fight tooth and nail for the justice our clients deserve. I remember one particular case in which my client had slipped and fallen on government property, injuring her knee. Over the course of five long years, the case steadily escalated up the appellate court system, until we ended up in front of the state supreme court. In the end, we got her the justice she deserved. Though it wasn’t a huge million-dollar settlement or anything, it was incredibly satisfying having gone through that arduous process and end up with a win for her. Outside of work, I’m busy taking care of my new baby, my first child who I had just a few months ago. Though I’ve been back to work for two months now, it’s certainly been an adjustment not being by my baby’s side during the day.

That said, it was a welcome return. I love my work, and the team at Kelly Law is unparalleled in the field, both personally and professionally. I couldn’t ask for more.

Beth Brown Nowak



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