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What to DoWhen the Insurance Adjuster Calls SERVICE HIGHLIGHT If you’ve been in an accident, you can bet the insurance adjuster will soon be giving you a call. They’ll tell you they’re just trying to gather information, but what they don’t tell you is that any information they gather will be used against you to reduce your rightful compensation. They typically call quickly, hoping they reach you before you’ve got a personal injury attorney on your side. With this in mind, it’s important to be prepared. “My hope is still to leave the world a bit better than when I got here.” –JimHenson September 24, 2017, would mark the 81st birthday of Jim Henson, a man who reinvented a 3,000-year-old art form and made the world fall in love with a singing frog. By replacing stiff wood with flexible rubber and developing precise hand motions and movements to convey emotion, Henson created a cast of characters he called The Muppets. Though he faced roadblocks on his journey to bring The Muppets to the world— including studios that claimed the characters would only appeal to children and writers who refused to“write for felt”—Henson persevered. A British TV station eventually picked up“The Muppet Show,”and the series went on to win four Primetime Emmys. While the general public still knows Henson best for his zany, beloved Muppets, the celebrated storyteller was involved in many groundbreaking TV shows and movies. Other fantastical productions beneath the Henson banner include the eerie and magical cult classic “Labyrinth,”starring music icon David Bowie,“The Dark Crystal,”and the TV series“The Storyteller.”Henson also founded Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, a special effects company that specializes in puppetry, animatronics, and creature suits.

Henson also helped create movie history when he was invited to the set of“Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back”to aid in the creation of an iconic character: Yoda. Prior to Henson’s involvement, director George Lucas intended to use a trained monkey in a mask to portray the Jedi Master. Henson encouraged Lucas to hire puppeteer Frank Oz instead. Oz has since voiced Yoda in five Star Wars films, with rumors he will return to the character for the upcoming“Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” Today, almost 30 years after Henson’s sudden death in 1990, the legacy he left behind still creates joy around the world. The Muppets recently returned to the public spotlight with two feature films and a sitcom. Jim Henson’s Creature Shop continues to create fantastic designs, from the puppets on “Sesame Street” to characters that perform onstage beside singer Lady Gaga. This past summer, the Creature Shop announced they were teaming up with Netflix to

produce a 10-episode prequel series to “The Dark Crystal.”When it comes to people who left the world a better

place, it’s easy to see how Jim Henson’s unique brand of magic and creativity did just that.

Getting an experienced attorney on board will give you a massive head start in any ensuing compensation case. It will allow your lawyer to investigate your case, talk to witnesses, photograph the scene, and take measurements, even going so far as to have the crash reconstructed by experts if necessary, before the evidence disappears. Not only that, but it will take the burden of the back-and-forth with the insurance company off your shoulders and eliminate the risk of you making a mistake. But if the adjuster gets to you before a call to your lawyer, it’s vital that you never give a statement without a personal injury attorney present. If the insurance company claims that you have a legal obligation to give them a statement, don’t believe them— you have the right to have an attorney present. They may even tell you that you will not receive a settlement or compensation for your medical bills if you fail to give a statement, but don’t believe

The best way to avoid any problems with an adjuster is simply to contact your

attorney as soon as possible after a crash . Really, it’s a good idea to have a personal injury lawyer in mind to act as your representative in case something ever happens.

that either. You have absolutely no legal obligation to speak to the insurance company without a lawyer. In fact, talking to them can only hurt you in the long run.


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