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Anna will be a senior this year, and I think if it were up to her, she’d skip straight through to the part where she gets handed her diploma. She’s planning to take a year off after she graduates to work and save money with the ultimate goal of teaching in Japan. Anna loves everything about Japanese culture and immerses herself in it. About a year ago, we gave her a language learning CD and she’s been teaching herself Japanese ever since. She knows a lot more of the language than I do (which, admittedly, is none). During her junior year, she took it upon herself to go to a neighboring high school that offers Japanese classes. She would make the trip there and back every day for the class. Once Anna decides on something, there’s no stopping her. And I have a good guess where she got that characteristic from. Once I decided I was going to be a dentist, there was no stopping me. I pursued it wholeheartedly; I was committed to the profession no matter what it took. Anna is the same way, so I know if she has her heart set on going to Japan, she’ll find a way to make her dream come true. At the office, Evie is picking up new skills and learning quickly as she works with us for the summer as a dental assistant. Other than having to get up early on Thursdays and Fridays, I think she’s enjoying it, and we definitely enjoy having her around! While Beth and I headed to Spain last month, Russell and Leila headed to Texas to stay with Beth’s parents. We were fortunate to have Evie at home to take care of our two youngest, Jocelyn and Adam. Anna stayed with them, but she always takes care of herself anyway. She’s been a very independent person from the time she was little. This month, I also get to check another baseball stadium off my list in Miami — No. 22! We’ve hit some pretty big milestones this year, haven’t we? Beth’s and my 20th wedding anniversary, Evie finishing her first year of college, and Anna entering her last year of high school.

A few weekends back, we soaked up the perfect summer day at Lake Lowell.The sun was shining, there was a very slight breeze, and it was the ideal temperature to take the Jet Skis out in the water and zip around the lake. While we were spending our day splashing around outside, our daughter Anna was busy inside, organizing home decor and helping customers for her summer job at Michaels.This is her first job, and, while I know it’s tough to miss out on the family fun, she’s enjoying the experience and the fact that she has her own spending money.

Time flies! You have to soak up every second of it. I hope you do just that and have a wonderful August.

–Dr. Elkins

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