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Anna will be a senior this year, and I think if it were up to her, she’d skip straight through to the part where she gets handed her diploma. She’s planning to take a year off after she graduates to work and save money with the ultimate goal of teaching in Japan. Anna loves everything about Japanese culture and immerses herself in it. About a year ago, we gave her a language learning CD and she’s been teaching herself Japanese ever since. She knows a lot more of the language than I do (which, admittedly, is none). During her junior year, she took it upon herself to go to a neighboring high school that offers Japanese classes. She would make the trip there and back every day for the class. Once Anna decides on something, there’s no stopping her. And I have a good guess where she got that characteristic from. Once I decided I was going to be a dentist, there was no stopping me. I pursued it wholeheartedly; I was committed to the profession no matter what it took. Anna is the same way, so I know if she has her heart set on going to Japan, she’ll find a way to make her dream come true. At the office, Evie is picking up new skills and learning quickly as she works with us for the summer as a dental assistant. Other than having to get up early on Thursdays and Fridays, I think she’s enjoying it, and we definitely enjoy having her around! While Beth and I headed to Spain last month, Russell and Leila headed to Texas to stay with Beth’s parents. We were fortunate to have Evie at home to take care of our two youngest, Jocelyn and Adam. Anna stayed with them, but she always takes care of herself anyway. She’s been a very independent person from the time she was little. This month, I also get to check another baseball stadium off my list in Miami — No. 22! We’ve hit some pretty big milestones this year, haven’t we? Beth’s and my 20th wedding anniversary, Evie finishing her first year of college, and Anna entering her last year of high school.

A few weekends back, we soaked up the perfect summer day at Lake Lowell.The sun was shining, there was a very slight breeze, and it was the ideal temperature to take the Jet Skis out in the water and zip around the lake. While we were spending our day splashing around outside, our daughter Anna was busy inside, organizing home decor and helping customers for her summer job at Michaels.This is her first job, and, while I know it’s tough to miss out on the family fun, she’s enjoying the experience and the fact that she has her own spending money.

Time flies! You have to soak up every second of it. I hope you do just that and have a wonderful August.

–Dr. Elkins

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Helping Humans Slow Down and Look Up Modern humans are stuck in a routine of expected and constant industriousness. But with all this rushing, people often drag themselves home at night with no energy left to enjoy the most splendid show nature has to offer: the wondrous night sky. telescope, astronomy experts recommend starting with binoculars instead. You’ll need to identify several anchor planets or constellations to help you navigate the sky before using a telescope. 3. UTILIZE ASSETS Put your phone to good use by downloading apps like Stellarium, Starwalk, and Google

Sky Map. Each of these apps offers a unique benefit for aspiring stargazers. For example, Starwalk lets you point your phone at the sky to see stars, constellations, and planets in real time based on your location. 4. MARK YOUR CALENDAR In 1972, beloved singer- songwriter John Denver wrote about a meteor shower he witnessed during a camping trip in Colorado. He describes the scene by singing, “I’ve seen it raining fire in the sky.”The “fire” he recounted was actually the Perseids meteor shower, the most recognized shower on Earth.This astrological wonder takes place every year from July 17 to Aug. 24. During this time, viewers should be able to see shooting stars associated with the Perseids, but the shower reaches its maximum rate of activity on Aug. 12–13 this year. Grab some friends and family, and head outdoors to put your newfound stargazing knowledge to work.

Most people go through life looking straight ahead, but if they would stop and peer skyward, they’d bear witness to a massive, unexplored frontier made up of the moon in all its phases, burning stars sailing through the sky, constellations with epic origin stories, and meteor showers bright enough to warrant sunglasses. If you’re looking for a hobby to help you slow down and appreciate the world around you, stargazing is a great option. Here are some tips to get you started. 1. THE HIGHER, THE BETTER If you’re a city dweller, meander a little way out of town or try to find a tall building to keep the light pollution to a minimum. 2. EXTRA SET OF EYES While novice stargazers often want to immediately throw their money at a new

A Word From Kalie Pregnancy and Your Oral Health

same reassurance I recieved. We want to make sure you’re doing things right for youself, your babies, and your teeth. If you experience morning sickness while you’re pregnant, the extra acid can take a toll on your enamel. Your best bet is to rinse your mouth with water after you get sick and wait a bit to brush your teeth.This will let your pH normalize. If you brush your teeth right after you get sick, you could be brushing the acid into your teeth. Dental X-rays, local anaesthetics for fillings, and digital radiographs have been deemed safe during pregnancy. According to the American Association of Dentistry, “Radiographs are considered safe for any stage of pregnancy.”Talk to us if you’re concerned about the use of any of these treatments during your pregnancy. Let me know if you have any questions! I’ve been through it, and I know there’s a lot to think about. I’m here for you!

Hello! I’m happy to be back after my maternity leave. Having just gone through a twin pregnancy, I learned about some things to look out for when it comes to oral health and pregnancy. Caryn was kind enough to let me use this space to share with you today, so here goes! First of all, I was surprised to find that my gums were very tender and prone to bleeding during this pregnancy. I’m a hygienist after all, so I take great care of my teeth and don’t typically have issues. What I learned, though, is that during pregnancy, my body was creating hormones that increased blood flow to the gums and made me more susceptible to gingivitis. Unfortunately, this can happen even when we take great care of our teeth. So, continue to take good care of your teeth throughout pregnancy. Brush and floss every day and continue with your regular dental appointments. Knowing what I know now, I hope that you take the opportunity to talk to one of us here about what you’re experiencing, so we can give you the

-Kalie and Caryn –Kalie

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GOOD CHEER Beer lovers, rejoice! Idaho is the world’s largest hop producer, and more and more people are taking advantage of our agricultural bounty by opening breweries in the Treasure Valley. Share a few of these treasures with visiting family members and their only question will be “How did we not come here sooner?” 3. Roast for 30–40 minutes. Remove from oven, let sit for 2 minutes, and slice chicken into bite-sized pieces. 4. Garnish with parsley and serve. • 1/2 tsp turmeric • Crushed red pepper flakes, to taste • 1 large red onion, peeled and quartered • 2 tbsp fresh parsley, for garnish

• 6 cloves garlic, minced • 1 tsp kosher salt • 2 tsp freshly ground black pepper

• 2 lbs boneless, skinless chicken thighs • Juice of 2 lemons • 1/2 cup plus 1 tbsp olive oil

MOUNTAIN RANGES Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, we don’t have to go far to find mountaintop winter activities. If skiing or tubing is your idea of winter fun, Bogus Basin is just a short drive away, and heading to McCall makes a fun weekend getaway. ... AND RIVERS Not only are we surrounded by the Payette and Boise rivers, Idaho is also home to the deepest gorge in North America: Hells Canyon. Take that, Arizona! • 2 tsp cumin • 2 sp papr ka

Out-of-town relatives who are visiting for the holidays might wonder what makes Emmett so special. But we already know the Treasure Valley is full of gems — and we don’t just mean the rocks. Here are some additional reasons Emmett and The Gem State are great. WE’VE GOT SUNSHINE On average, we have 210 sunny days per year. Compare that to 144 rainy days in Portland and we can feel pretty happy about all our free vitamin D.


1. In a large mixing bowl, combine lemon juice, 1/2 cup oil, garlic, salt, pepper, cumin, paprika, turmeric, and crushed red pepper. Whisk together, then marinate chicken in mixture and cover and refrigerate for 1–12 hours. 2. Heat oven to 425 F. Place onion in chicken marinade, tossing t coat. Spread onion and chicken on a baking sheet lined with the remaining olive oil.


Boise Soul Food Festival When: Saturday, Aug. 10 Where: Kleiner Park

Caldwell Night Rodeo When: Aug. 13-17 Where: Caldwell Rodeo Grounds



If you’re looking up at the night sky in mid-August, you might notice the Perseid Meteor Shower taking place.This awesome phenomenon originates from the constellation Perseus, named for the hero of Greek myth. In Greek mythology, Perseus is given the gruesome task of procuring the head of Medusa, a snake-haired creature who turns mortals to stone with a mere glance. Using his wit (and a few gifts from the Greek gods) Perseus manages to slay Medusa. On his journey home, he meets Princess Andromeda and immediately falls for her. Perseus and Andromeda manage to overcome other obstacles and are eventually married. When you look up at the constellation of Perseus, Andromeda’s constellation is right next to it, as the hero was laid to rest next to his love.

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A Summer Send-Off for Your Garden



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A SUMMER SEND-OFF FOR YOUR GARDEN 3 Ways to Prepare Your Garden for the Changing Season Late summer is the perfect time to clean up your garden and

OUTWITHTHE OLD If any of your plants didn’t fare so well, take some time to remove them and clear space for future plants.This removal should include any invasive plants or weeds that found their way into the soil. Remember to use gloves, wear long pants and socks, and use caution around thorns or plants that can cause irritation. For daffodils, tulips, crocuses, and any other bulbs that sprang up in the spring, you can now pull them up (if you haven’t already) and divide any bulblets you find into separate plants.This will help cut down on crowding even more come spring. TAKE COVER Cover crops are plants that improve soil health, reduce erosion, and keep your garden healthy, and now is a great time to plant them! Hardy legumes, field peas, certain types of clovers, and warm-season grasses can all work as cover crops, so talk to your landscaper or local nursery to pick out the best choices for your region. While you may not see the fruits of your labors until spring, you can still enjoy preparing your garden for a successful upcoming year and cherish the time you spend with your family outside.

prepare it for the coming winter. In the next couple of months, the temperature will start to drop, but by putting in work now, you can ensure your garden is healthy and ready to flourish next spring. You can even turn garden cleanup into a fun activity for the whole family. Here are three ways to get your garden ready for the next season, while sharing some valuable outdoor time with your loved ones.

MORE MULCH, PLEASE While most gardeners know the benefits of summer mulching, winter mulching can help lessen water loss, keep weeds out, and regulate soil temperatures during the colder months. It offers an added layer of protection for your plants’ roots, which can be sensitive to continuous freezing and thawing, by keeping the soil temperature more consistent.

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