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Making My Own and Ice Cream Parlors

National Ice Cream Day is on July 19, which gives me a great opportunity to talk about my favorite treat. Everyone can enjoy it, no matter what you might be doing. If you’re visiting another city or town, you can always find an ice cream place somewhere. I’ve always loved ice cream, and even though I don’t indulge as much as I used to, I still have a lot of great memories and experiences with this treat. I don’t remember the first type of ice cream I ever had, but I grew up hearing stories of how much I loved it. My dad is also a huge fan of ice cream, and when I was a baby, he would put me in my car seat and drive over to the local Baskin Robbins. As soon as we pulled up into the parking lot, I’d start kicking in my seat because I was so excited to be there. Although I don’t remember my first ice cream flavor, I think it was my dad who helped me find my favorite: mint chocolate chip. Because my family liked it so much, we would make our own ice cream from time to time. One of the clearest recollections I have is that it took forever, probably due to my anticipation. When my girls were little, I bought an ice cream maker so we could make our own soft serve ice cream. Sometimes it would work, and other times it varied from either too watery to nearly frozen. But we always had a great time together regardless of how the ice cream turned out. We’d experiment with different flavors to see which ones we liked best, and the girls loved throwing on toppings afterward.

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bought them their own ice cream maker, which is easier to use than the one I first bought. All they have to do is throw in the ingredients, and it turns all on its own with pretty consistent results. When we go out for ice cream, nothing beats a scoop of ice cream on a cone, though those ice cream parlors are harder to come by. My husband and I searched for good ice cream places, and a few years ago, we discovered a gem: Christy’s Dream is an ice cream parlor in Ponte Vedra Beach with a cute aesthetic. The kids love it; the parlor has a number of old games, like Connect Four and Jenga, that they can play while eating their ice cream. The owners also came up with unique names for their ice cream flavors using popular songs, iconic characters, or famous sayings. There’s “Slim Shady,” the “Flux Capacitor,” “Pooh Bear,” “Dyn-o-mite!” and “More Cowbell,” just to name a few. I hope my kids and I have a chance to visit Christy’s Dream or Baskin Robbins sometime this summer at least once. But if things are still uncertain, I’ll get my girls to make me some with their ice cream maker, just like the old days.



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We still make ice cream today, though admittedly, the girls handle it mostly themselves. My dad

“I’ve always loved ice cream, and even though I don’t indulge as much as I used to, I still have a lot of great memories and experiences with this treat.”

-Heather Qu ick




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