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Caring Communities Memory Care America Celebrates Spring

Jim Walesa (middle left), event planner Christin Hemmens, Rudy Carrasco (far left), and Memory Care America director of operations Linda Carrasco (far right) celebrate at the Fiesta.

M emory Care America celebrated the grand opening of its new headquarters in Castle Hills, Texas, this April! During the fiesta-themed festivities, The Feral Four set the tone with upbeat songs that had everyone on their feet. Guests enjoyed delicious food prepared by Chef Richard of Memory Care of Westover Hills, and a fashionable four-legged friend even stopped by. Residents across Memory Care America’s five communities hosted their own springtime celebrations as well! Memory Care of New Braunfels joined in on the fiesta fun this spring, while Memory Care of Naples’ residents, families, and staff celebrated a 100th birthday.

This dog went all-out for our fiesta-themed celebration for the grand opening of Memory Care America’s new headquarters.

Guests enjoyed delicious food prepared by Chef Richard of Memory Care of Westover Hills.

Fiesta time means fun at Memory Care of New Braunfels!

The Feral Four band gets everyone moving.

A resident turns 100 years young at Memory Care of Naples!

Memory Care of Westover Hills business office manager, Sonia, and Memory Care of New Braunfels business office manager, Kacie, with guests from the Castle Hills Fire Department.

Easter festivities were also in full swing this season. Memory Care of Westover Hills had live music and dancing to celebrate

Memory Care of Simpsonville boasts some gorgeous Easter decor.

Easter, and Memory Care of Simpsonville was the best- dressed community this spring with festive decorations. Memory Care of Little Rock had the sweetest celebration, inviting kids from a local preschool to hunt for Easter treasure at its popular Easter egg hunt.

Residents, staff, and family enjoy live music and dancing during the Easter holiday.

Preschoolers show off their Easter finds at Memory Care of Little Rock’s annual Easter egg hunt!

Memory Care America would like to thank everyone who attended our headquarters celebration and our communities’ many events. If someone you know would like to learn more, don’t keep our work a secret! Direct them to our various communities online at or find us on Facebook.

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I always say, “You have to go on their journey with them,” because it’s not about our timeline or even the fact that it’s 2019. For some of our residents, it’s still 1955, and they are young parents. In fact, when you look at the shadow boxes outside some of the residents’ rooms, you see far more old photos because in their mind, nothing has changed. There’s no harm in letting them happily live in the past, but you also have to support their families who are in 2019 and struggling with tremendous loss. Once, the son of a resident said to me, “Linda, I lost my dad, even though he’s in your facility. My daddy is gone. This is his shell. And when he goes, I’m going to actually lose my daddy twice. I already lost him, and now I’m going to lose his body.” The weight of that grief can be overbearing. Dementia is devastating, but it’s our job to make sure your loved one gets five more months, five more weeks, or even five more minutes of happiness. We have done something tremendous if we can give that to a family or a resident. There’s a tenderness in memory care that our residents and their families deserve. Regardless of where they are, we will meet our residents there.

Emerald May Remember

Memorial Nightingale Spring

Garden Blooming Day

Cinco Mayo

Gemini Mother

— Linda Carrasco

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