LIM_Injuries Are A Real Pain In The Back

October/ November 2019

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Personal Story

Written by Adrienne Riveros

It’s Almost Time! Very shortly, you will find that we have yet another new addition to the LIM family!Thankfully, this pregnancy has been kind so far! If smell aversions, swollen ankles and muscle pains are the extent, I consider myself lucky! So far, we know she is a girl, but she remains nameless! That is at the top of our to-do list in the coming days:) If I recall the last weeks of baby Greyson’s pregnancy correctly, I do remember that sporadic back pain did play a roll in my every day life and managing it appropriately made the difference between a hard day and a... a bit less-hard day as I waddled

from here to there. ;) I am watching for the beginning signs of back pain with baby girl as we finish out her pregnancy. Stretching, staying active, staying hydrated and good nutrition all play important roles. However, if it progresses, I know where I can find a good therapist to help me! Haha! Remember, back pain comes in all shapes, sizes, severities and reasons. If you are having trouble with back pain, don’t ignore it. Don’t wait until it is so bad that your body MAKES you do something about it. Come see us at Life In Motion and let us help you navigate the stormy, sometimes uncertain waters of dealing with back pain. We are always here to help.

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