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August 2018

How My Parent s ’ Suppor t Got Me Where I Am Today Unconditional Encouragement

Despite the fact that I knew early in life that I wanted to be a physical therapist, getting to where I am today was anything but easy. There were times that I felt like throwing in the towel and switching my career path completely. But, like many things in my life, the unerring support and guidance of my parents got me through the toughest times. I’m completely indebted to my mother and father for where I am today. I’m grateful that they encouraged me to get a paper route in grade school, because it instilled a strong work ethic that I still carry today. I would wake up before sunrise, climb on my bike, and start tossing papers into countless yards. Then, I’d have to swing by a couple of weeks later to collect the money. Somewhere around middle school, I became a stocker at a local liquor store — a position I’m not sure would be available to a kid that age anymore — and I actually enjoyed it. Once high school came around, I upgraded to a position at the grocery store, where I stuck around for all four years. During my senior year, I began to zero in on my true passion, interning at a local physical therapist’s office, doing every job that I could. My parents taught my siblings and me that if we wanted something in our lives, we had to work for it. My first big setback in life came when I applied to undergraduate school. Unfortunately, though I got into a few of the schools, I didn’t get accepted to any of the extremely competitive PT programs. Though I was incredibly discouraged, my parents told me not to settle and to find another way to realize my dreams.

Today, I get to mentor the next generation of physical therapists who will help patients achieve their own dreams ...

So I did. Over the next few years, I studied for an undergraduate degree in athletic training — not exactly what I’d been hoping for, but a discipline that would equip me with many of the same tools as my PT peers. But throughout the experience, my parents encouraged me to stay the course, stick to my studies, and work on a way to get into a graduate PT program down the line. And that’s exactly what happened. Despite my occasional doubts that my journey would end in the career I’d always dreamed of, my dedication, coupled with the support of so many people in my corner, resulted in exactly what I’d hoped for. Today, I get to mentor the next generation of physical therapists who will help patients achieve their own dreams and offering support not unlike the kind my parents showed me. I know that physical therapy treatment isn’t always easy for our patients, but with a little perseverance and a lot of encouragement, I’m confident that anyone who comes into our clinic can get back to their normal life and return to the things they love to do. My parents supported me unconditionally throughout my younger years, and it feels good to pass on that support to our patients and staff today.

–Bob Thomas


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