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little sailboat showed me that the fastest route to your destination isn’t always the most direct. Sometimes, you have to take a different track to make headway against the wind. But I’ll be honest, the most important lesson I took away from Boy Scouts is simply the value of having fun.


What I Learned From Boy Scouts

On Feb. 8, 1910, the Boy Scouts of America were incorporated, making this month their 110th birthday. As a former Scout myself, I couldn’t let this event pass by without doing a little reminiscing. Like many people, being a Scout was a formative experience for me that left a positive impact on my life. But more than anything, it’s a source of great memories.

More so than when I was a kid, I feel like so many childhood experiences are advertised on their long-term value. As a father, so many of the afterschool activities, clubs, and groups that exist for my daughter to join are billed as important, formative stepping stones toward her professional future. Personally, I don’t think kids or their parents should have to look that far ahead. GETTING OUT ON THE LAKE IN A LITTLE SAILBOAT SHOWED ME THAT THE FASTEST ROUTE TO YOUR DESTINATION ISN’TALWAYS THE MOST DIRECT. SOMETIMES, YOU HAVE TO TAKE A DIFFERENT TRACK TO MAKE HEADWAYAGAINST THEWIND.

My daughter, my Valentine

Now, not all of them were so great at the time. My most vivid memory has to be when a few other Boy Scouts and I tried to pitch a tent just as a tornado rolled in nearby. There must have been six of us, including a boy’s father, trying to keep that tent from flying away. Had we been on our own, we may have blown away ourselves. It was a thrilling moment, to say the least. In fact, experiences like that one really fostered my love of the outdoors. Even in extreme weather conditions, I loved being in nature and adventuring through the wilderness. Of course, I learned many valuable skills along the way, from leadership to sailing.

For all the benefits and life skills of the Boy Scouts, we shouldn’t undersell the value of plain old fun. Not everything has to be a

resume builder or material for a college application essay down the road. Sometimes, it’s okay for kids to just be allowed to laugh and play under the open sky. Heck, there are more than a few adults who could use the same lesson.

Here’s to fun and games,

Leading patrols taught me a lot about delegation and taking personal responsibility for a group. Getting out on the lake in a

– Gary L. Medlin, Esq. | Pg. 1

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