Collective Genius - October/November/December 2019

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This means that you need two things.

At our recent Collective Genius event, Phil Green, one of the owners of GG Homes, shared a presentation with our members that blew them away. He shared how you can leverage Realtors by building relationships with agents so they give you repeat deals consistently and predictably.


As Phil shared in his detailed process, you have the ability to buy highly targeted contact lists through data brokers. Once you have your data, you can send email or SMS blasts to this data broker to introduce yourself and start establishing a relationship. (Make sure to check your state laws regarding these marketing methods.) However, the trap that most people get caught in is being too upfront with their emails and SMS. Phil recommends leading with value first to establish trust and reputation. This could be an article, a blog post, or some form of value that offers the Realtor a better understanding of your take on a relevant subject. Phil also shared a unique, ringless voicemail blast where you can leave a voicemail on the cell phones of all your prospects, building trust with the prospect. Interestingly, they tested a man’s voice against a woman’s voice to see which had the larger response, and a woman’s voice was the winner by a large margin. STYLE NO. 2: BRANDING MARKETING Phil went into thorough detail and shared a whole range of strategies to build brand, trust, and incentive with Realtors. He spoke about using promotions and value-adds to win over Realtors. He gave away MacBook Airs, built incredible tailored campaigns dependent on the Realtor, used Facebook’s advertising platform to target Realtors with videos, hosted in-person events with complimentary food and drink, and sent individualized, handwritten letters. It made Phil’s business impossible to ignore, and it established a highly profitable relationship.

Your team has to be highly energetic and easy to work with so the Realtor’s experience is seamless and beneficial for all parties. After dealing with your team, the Realtor should be confident that you’re going to follow through. This means that your team needs to be “on it.” They need to be able to weed through texts, emails, and voicemails to ensure deals are not missed and opportunities aren’t squandered. If the Realtor gets any sniff that you’re another time-waster, then you’re not going to be added to their Rolodex. STEP NO. 2 : FAST DEAL ANALYSIS The main initiative and goal here is to get back to Realtors and give them a response quickly and efficiently because if you don’t respond, they’ll find somebody else who will. But What if You’re aWholesaler? If you’re a wholesaler, the main concern Realtors will have is that the deal will fall out. They will have already dealt with plenty of people who don’t stick to their word and get the deal done. A straightforward way to always deliver is to simply joint venture (JV) with people in different markets, so you can help each other get a deal done. Agents are looking for a one-stop shop to help with that, and you can do a little leg work for them. They also want you to stick to the prices you state, so be careful with what you’re offering them. It’s very easy to increase your price but very difficult to decrease your initial offering. Agents will hold you to what you say. How to Build Relationships With Realtors (The Marketing) When it comes to marketing, there are two types. We have “rogue” style and “brand” marketing; I’ll share an overview of both.

The benefit of having these relationships means you’re able to:

Gain access to off-market deals

Get a much higher ROI while putting in less effort

Generate repeat business effortlessly

In this article, I want to share some of the incredible stuff that was shared in this session and walk you through the process that Phil outlined.

But first, we need to start with the end goal.

Before we get into the weeds, we need to understand what the aim is. That aim is to create a program that bears repeat business. If you can have relationships with multiple Realtors who are on your side, give you preferential treatment, and have trust in you, you essentially have a shortcut to sourcing deals. This reduces your direct-to-seller marketing significantly and gives you a huge upper hand on landing the best deals. THE 2-STEP GAME PLAN TO BUILDING ROCK-SOLID RELATIONSHIPS WITH REALTORS Before we get into the marketing tricks to build these relationships, we need to address the fundamentals. In order for a Realtor to see you as somebody they want to work with and give preferential treatment to, they need to trust you to deliver. The question that remains is how?

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