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Living Like the Modern Stone Age Family

Tired of living in the modern home? Want something a little more prehistoric? Don’t worry, it’s not a trick question. There are no caves involved. All the modern conveniences are still at your disposal. Let’s just say the styling is a bit “outdated.” Designed to blend in with the high desert of Southern California, namely in the hills above Malibu, this prehistoric- looking home draws its inspiration from the classic 1960s animated sitcom “The Flintstones.” It was also owned by Dick Clark, who used it for weekend escapes from the busy Hollywood life. One of the home’s defining features, other than looking like a huge slab of sandstone, is its breathtaking views. The structure sits on top of its very own mountain, surrounded by 23 acres of natural SoCal beauty. Gaze out at the Pacific Ocean or take in the nighttime view of Los Angeles. You can even look north toward Simi Valley. There is always something new to see. Despite the perfect views and the Flintstonian architecture, the home sat on the market for over two years. When it was put on

the market in 2012, it was listed at $3,500,000. By December of 2014, the home’s asking price had fallen to $1,777,777 and a buyer snapped it up, ready to relive a piece of television history.

Detoxify Air the Natural Way

spring or whenever it outgrows its current pot.

The snake plant is also known as a vertical-growing houseplant, and it removes formaldehyde from the air. While not a naturally occurring compound, formaldehyde is used in a number of cleaning products, as well as treated paper and fabrics. Care: While they thrive in a sunny window space, snake plants can live in any room. Care is simple: Only water in small quantities every few weeks. There are no other instructions for this hardy little plant. Your family’s health is important, and we all know health starts at home. If you’re looking for a natural way to keep the air in your home clean this winter, your local greenhouse is the best place to start.

Red Dracaena add color with beautiful pink to dark red coloring. They can grow quite large — up to 15 feet in some instances. This plant removes many of the harmful organic compounds in the air before they enter our bodies. Care: Unlike peace lilies, this plant needs a bright environment, just not in direct sunlight. Water your dracaena thoroughly when the soil becomes dry and drain into a tray or tub. If your home air is dry, mist the leaves. A dracaena will grow and should be repotted every

Peace lilies have a lovely white flower and grow well under artificial light. They also absorb common pollutants like formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene. Care: Use an all-purpose potting soil and keep it moist. Do not overwater your peace lily. You may need to give the plant fresh soil once a year. Shade is the best environment for this plant; if it is not blooming, it could need a darker spot in the home.


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