Sustainable Communities Development Program

17 million tourists visit the Panama City Beach area annually. The City is considered the fastest growing of Bay County’s seven cities in both population and area. Source: Bay County Tourist Development Council.

Holmes County Development Commission Sustainable Communities Development Program

Military Installations (within 300 mile radius) Installation:


Ft. Rucker

40 57 60 70 80 95

Naval Surface Warfare Center

Tyndall AFB

The surrounding 18 county area is part of the rebuild initiative that is estimated to take 15+ years. Sustainable education and job creation is a strong driving factor to support implementation, retention and to attract new businesses to the area. An existing robust transportation infrastructure lends itself to successful logistics management.

Eglin AFB

Hurlburt Field

NAS Whiting Field

NAS Pensacola

109 128 137 215 220 229 249 258 309 378

Maxwell AF Ft. Benning Keesler AFB Robins AFB

Naval Construction BN Center

Camp Shelby

NAS Jacksonville Redstone Arsenal

MacDill AFB

Holmes Co . |E- SCDP  V.6.5

The Sustainable Communities Development Program for Holmes County, Florida, is a multi-layered, vertically integrated, delivery solution that addresses the issues of community redevelopment on a county wide basis by creating unique sets of programs, objectives and theme for each city in the county. A Public/Private Partnership created The Smart City programming concept, it is divided into four phases with Phase I creating the components of the economic engine for the county that attracts businesses, creates jobs, and creates housing solutions. The program is uniquely designed to be an education initiative that provides training to the workforce across the broad spectrum of sustainable real estate development.

Sustainable Land Development

Utility Infrastructure

Light Industrial Programming Used as the initial stimulus for economic diversification in the community. Creation of a Eco-Industrial Park where a "green" approach has been taken towards the buildings, infrastructure and development of the site. This includes green infrastructure related to Renewable Energy Systems , stormwater, groundwater and wastewater management; road surfaces; and transportation demand management. From aging infrastructure to increased pressure on resources to the severity of a natural disaster, the cities and municipalities in the county are confronting complexities that are as unique as the people who live there. Our solution; Feasibility, Engineering, Built Ecology, Resilience planning, District energy/water systems, Computational analysis.

Comprehensive engineering design and project management services with expertise in conventional generation, cogeneration, and renewable energy; Beacon Technology, Distributed Antennae Systems, Emergency Communication Systems, Network Systems, Countywide WiFi Mesh Systems.

Housing Solutions

Sustainable Land Development

Job Creation Programs

Job Creation Programs


Upon successful completion of training Workers are assigned to projects within Holmes County and the N.W. Florida Pan- handle area to supply labor support to the professional services network.


Light Industrial Programming

Utility Infrastructure

Housing Solutions

Education Programming

Community Education

Thousands of units have to be constructed to support the growth of the county SCDP program. The severity of Hurricane Michael coupled with the forthcoming 2020 Building Code now mandates the implementation of sustainable, resilient programming.

Inclusive program that addresses material sciences research & development, Permaculture, climate resilient development and construction, alternative energy and water management solutions.

Private and Confidential

Holmes Co . |E- SCDP  V.6.5


Holmes County Land Area: 489 square miles

Sustainable Communities Development Program

Timeline Project Milestones





ECS Initial meeting to view the county and manufacturing site locations

WSP – joins team , engages with town of ESTO engineering projects

EP5 presents county programming concept to each municipality. Programming accepted. Inter-local agreements established with county and municipalities giving HCDC representation authority for SCDP EP5 appointed as SCDP Development Manager Master Services Agreement & 22 project work authorizations created WSP approved by City of Panama City for engineering services Oct. HURRICANE MICHAEL N.W. FL. Gulf Coast, 18 counties affected

HCDC 501(c)(3) established

Homes for Humanity a international not for profit established Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home standards adopted 15 green Workforce housing models created Establishment of a Preferred Vendor Program Auburn University program engagement with YONAH Farm project EP5 establishes programming development team Current Status: Charrette schedule for project kick-off

Project concept created Core team relationships established

EP5 tours county, introduction meeting

Childers Construction joins team as construction manager

RAYMON THOMAS EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Holmes Co. Development Commission

SCDP Program concept created

WSP appointed engineer of record for Development Commission

Program presented to the county, cities & municipalities

Federal & State programs identified

County engages legal team to examine compliance and restrictions Resolutions adopted over a one 1 1/2 year process by the county and each municipality to support the programming

Brownfield Tax Incentives established

New Market Tax credits established

Hub Zone | Opportunity Zone designations applied for

JEFFREY ALLEN PROGRAM MANAGER SCDP - Holmes Co. Development Commission

YONAH Farm Permaculture R&D program established, ZER 868 house constructed, Talking Rock Ga


Holmes Co . |E- SCDP  V.6.5


Sustainable Communities Development Program


The five key areas of engagement are identified as: Distribution Facilities Product Sales Education Veterans programs (including training) 501(c)(3)

Non-profit organizations & entitlement programs Holmes County Development Commission, single source program authority, representing all municipal entities in the County through established Inter-local Agreements.

IDENTIFIED RESOURCES Federal & State incentive programs identified Resiliency Florida – Non-Profit, WSP, a founding member WSP=Engineer of Record for the HCDC – Holmes County Development Commission Primary resource for government and grant funding administration Holmes County Economic Development Commission – Non-Profit designation Panhandle Area Regional Community Development Corporation Home Depot Foundation

Microsoft Foundation Homes for Humanity University Grants

New Market Tax Credits Brownfield Designation Hub Zone Designation Opportunity Zone Designation PACE – Property Assessed Clean Energy – City, County Approved

Private and Confidential

Holmes Co . |E- SCDP  V.6.5


Holmes County Development Commission Sustainable Communities Development Program

BONIFAY PROGRAMMING Theme: Historic Southern

ESTO PROGRAMMING Theme: Modern Urban





Eco-Industrial Park

Farmers Market /Welcome Center

PI Permaculture Center - Botanical Garden, Nursery, Sustainable Farm PII Rodeo PI Communications Systems - Wi-Fi & Fiber expansion


Smart City, technology campus

PII Workforce Housing Complex, tech campus 150 units PII Small Industrial Park

Hotel - City of Bonifay

Veterans Memorial

MONUMINT & Beacons Gateway Technology PI Workforce & Market Rate Housing 1,800 units PIII Downtown Redevelopment PIII Tri-County Airport – FBO Housing 200 units


Wastewater treatment facility

Road & Infrastructure projects

Solar farm for municipal facilities

Roads & Infrastructure

Municipal Complex: Fire station/rescue services and sheriffs annex


Comprehensive Plan Amendment

 Housing: Veterans/low income/market rate 300 + units


Building Code amendment

 TBD Pending Planning Charrette

Private and Confidential

Holmes Co . |E- SCDP  V.6.5


Holmes County Development Commission Sustainable Communities Development Program



Initial Proposed Projects

Initial Proposed Projects - TBD

Evacuation Center

Road and infrastructure projects

Frozen Food Distribution Center – County Line & I-10

Full Service Truck Stop w/Repair Facility

Hotel for Truckers

24 Hour Restaurant – Waffle House Style

Farmers Market

Workforce Housing – volume TBD

 Theme TBD Pending Planning Charrette

Private and Confidential

Holmes Co . |E- SCDP  V.6.5

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The Air Force says it is rebuilding Tyndall to be the air base of the future. Officials say the rebuilt base will be resistant to storm surges and to wind speeds up to 180 miles per hour and is expected to cost some $4.7 billion dollars .

Source: Bay County Rebuild

Tyndall Air Force Base To Be Rebuilt As 'Air Base Of The Future'

A total of 18 Florida panhandle counties were affected by the storm. The report only discusses two affected counties. Recovery of the area Is estimated to be a 15+ year initiative. Solutions are needed to address the education, placement and housing of a workforce for the sustainable re-design and construction of the area. Utilizing the education programming component of the Sustainable Communities Development Program in Holmes Co. and working with the local colleges and trade schools partially address this need. This is an ideal environment for education programming providers.

Holmes Co . |E- SCDP  V.6.5

LABOR FORCE Highly skilled labor force with the high number of military retirees within a commute distance of 45-50 miles. Over 250,000 workers in the labor force within a commute distance. ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE SR-79 expansion currently underway, fully funded by the state. Expansion to extend to the intersection of US-90. "Studies show that the 79 and 77 corridors will surpass the 331 and 231 corridors for traffic, going back and forth to Bay County and Panama City Beach,"

Major Cities (within 300 mile radius) City: Distance: Dothan, AL 39 Panama City Beach, FL 46 Destin, Fl 77 Pensacola, Fl 107 Montgomery, AL 126 Columbus, GA 138 Mobile, AL 153 Macon, GA 229 Atlanta, GA 245 Jacksonville, FL 254 New Orleans, LA 297

Holmes Co . |E- SCDP  V.6.5

Sustainable Communities Development Program

Infrastructure Positioned near major highways and Interstate 10, airports and deep water ports, and numerous military bases & institutions, Holmes County has access to many growing & well-developed work force industries. We may appear to be in the middle of no-where, but we are truly in the center of everything.


Holmes County Land Area: 489 square miles

Private and Confidential

Holmes Co . |E- SCDP  V.6.5

Holmes Co . |E- SCDP  V.6.5


The DNA and Pedigree of Episode 5 (, in partnership with ADMI ( and Corinthian Development (, allows us to create a unique vision that incorporates the past and future of Holmes County. Our Imagineers will design an enjoyable experiential themed Live, Work & Play environment for residents, visitors and new-comers. Working closely with residents, the Development Commission, local and state government and federal government entities. We will create an Immersion and Visioning Program that incorporates the proud history of Holmes County into unique villages of crafted building programs incorporating 21st Century technology.


Holmes Co . |E- SCDP  V.6.5

Holmes County Development Commission Sustainable Communities Development Program

WSP Markets


Aviation, Commercial, Cultural, Education, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality, Mission Critical, Mixed Use, Residential, Retail, Science & Technology, Sports & Entertainment, Tenant Interiors, Places of Assembly, Transit, Utilities

Council House 2 Melbourne, Australia

NOAA Pacific Region Center Honolulu, HI

Resilience planning District energy/water systems Computational analysis




Private and Confidential

Holmes Co . |E- SCDP  V.6.5

Holmes County Development Commission Sustainable Communities Development Program

SCDP Sustainable Communities Development Program

Builder Compliance PROGRAM MANAGER

Holmes Co . |E- SCDP  V.6.5


Sustainable Communities Development Program






 Water management  Preservation of natural areas  On-site energy generation  Alternative transportation  Infrastructure energy efficiency  Building massing and orientation  Environmentally preferable site materials  Landscape design  Agriculture – Food & Plant Production R&D

 Energy efficiency and renewable energy  Passive design  Water efficiency and reuse  Material selections  Daylighting  Performance benchmarking using U.S. DOE, LEED and other building standards  Building Envelope Material Science R&D

 Waste management (reuse, recycling)  Site maintenance  Green cleaning  Ongoing energy and water efficiency  Metering and feedback

 Policies, guidelines, codes, covenants, and restrictions  Shared community resources  Access to services

NIFA - Land Grant University National Institute of Food and Agriculture

This program brings together business professionals, manufacturers, government, universities, and technical schools into an education solution that teaches all aspects of sustainable real estate development.


Industrial HEMP (R&D), Manufacturing

Private and Confidential

Holmes Co . |E- SCDP  V.6.5


Sustainable Communities Development Program


Natural Disaster Recovery Services When a natural disaster strikes, you need the assurance that your next steps get you back to operational as quickly and effectively as possible. Whether you are looking for an assessment, abatement recommendation, or help in the monitoring of your recovery efforts, Intertek has the expertise to get you back to normal. Property Condition Assessments When buyers or sellers are interested in property, a condition assessment is necessary to verify the state of the materials and equipment and to identify any needed repairs or anticipated maintenance. Intertek has the full depth of experience for both standard and enhanced Property Condition Assessments and corresponding Environmental Site Assessments. Roofing System Evaluations The proper installation of a roof on a building is a vital aspect to the building’s construction and its overall ownership costs. With a significant number of construction litigation cases stemming from roofing issues, the evaluation of your roofing system by a third Whole Building Air Barrier Testing With approximately 30% of your building’s energy usage utilized to compensate for air leakage, the need to control the air entering and leaving your building is more than an air quality issue. Intertek can help confirm the building’s design intent is met by quantifying the air leakage of a completed building. party is not only vital, but it provides reassurance and future cost savings.

Fire Protection Services Intertek’s consulting services provide you with the assurance that the architectural design and site-installed fire protection and life safety systems will perform at a desired level and meet programming needs, contract obligations, and specifications during new and renovation construction projects. Our Fire Protection Field Teams have the ability to inspect and evaluate fire protection assemblies and components in buildings and structures Forensic Services When water leakage, condensation, or other problems occur, an investigation is needed to identify the problem, establish corrective actions, and when necessary, determine liability. As a leader in building enclosure performance testing and evaluation services, Intertek conducts an unmatched array of forensic services to provide objective observations to form the basis for our expert opinion. Modular Building Services Intertek is an Independent Third-Party Inspection Agency (TPIA) for modular building and component system manufacturers. Our national team can assist you with navigating complicated code requirements for state and local jurisdictions, conduct in-plant inspections, perform plan reviews, and assist with recertification efforts.

Design, build, and maintain high performance building projects with Intertek’s team of multi-disciplined

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EMG BUILDINGS PROGRAM Testing | Pre- Rating 3 rd Party Verification Provider


Founded in 1981 in response to an emerging need for specialized planning services in the museum, cultural and heritage sector, Lord Cultural Resources is now the world's largest cultural professional practice with the successful completion of more than 2,500 projects in over 57 countries on 6 continents. The firm has earned an international reputation for sector leadership, innovation and excellence.




site owner

Location: 2406 Parker Grant Rd, Bonifay, FL 32425

Electric: West Florida Electric Coop; Three Phase

Acreage: 334 Contiguous Acres Available for Development

Natural Gas: Florida Public Utilities


Property Type: Land Site

Sewer: City of Bonifay. Fl

Master Planned Eco-Industrial Park (334 acres)

Current Use: Vacant

Water: City of Bonifay, Fl

Zoning: Industrial


FEATURES  Opportunity Zone  HUB Zone designation  Free Trade Zone designation  CSX Rail spur  Wetland & water management system  Energy efficient, storm resistant construction  Sustainable road system

Rail: CSX Spur borders the Park

Hi-tech Infrastructure: Available • Micro Grid Solar Farm • Water reclamation and re-use

Spur expansion into the Park planned Flood Plan: Has Delineated wetlands (80 acres)

 PV-Solar Farm  Solar Thermal  Centralized logistics center  Centralized parking  Shuttle vehicles  Education resource center

Site Description: 334 acres of vacant timberland being developed as a Sustainable Industrial Park, with US HWY 90 frontage and CSX Rail frontage.

Wi-Fi | LiFi: Networks Fiber Optic: Available Solar Lighting

Lots for sale: Yes 3 acre to 100 acre sites Sales terms: Negotiable

Centralized Distribution Logistics

Lots for lease: Yes – 5 to 99 yrs. Lease type: Negotiable

INITIAL TENANTS: ECS Manufacturing Group (Building Systems Manufacturer)


BAZELET Technologies (Industrial Hemp Processing & Manufacturing)



EDUCATION TRAINING CENTER ( Building Sciences, Construction, Energy)

Building Systems Materials Manufacturing


Geo Polymer Plant


Logistics Center


Solar System Manufacturing


HOME DEPOT (Building Materials Distribution Facility)

Tenants Manufacturing & Distribution


These figures do not reflect the number of in-direct jobs this will create or the additional number of housing units needed.

Total avg.


Housing units needed to support employees


Holmes Co. Industrial Park - East

Holmes Co . |E- SCDP  V.6.5

PHASE I – PROGRAMMING Oglesby Plants International is well known in the ornamental plant industry as a leading supplier of high quality young plants for commercial growers around the world. Since 1947, we strive to give our customers the newest varieties, the highest quality plants and to be the most reliable young plant supplier in the industry.


Rationale: Utilizing 70 Year old Existing Plant Nursery - Plant Propagation and Tissue Culture Facility combined with the Holmes County, Florida “Sustainable Communities Development Program” to develop and create a consistent seed to sale and/or grow/process/consumer system for local food and bio- chemical based product independency.



HOSPITALITY & THEMED ENTERTAINMENT Bonifay  Permaculture Center Botanical Garden, Plant Nursery, Sustainable Farm

SITE LOCATION: Interstate -10/SR 79 Bonifay, FL 448.5 acres of land | Sun Lake 60 acres

Overall Goals: 1. Expand, the Oglesby Nursery/Holmes County into an integrated satellite, research, educational, and plant industry commercialization Year Round “Plant Museum” facility. 2. Establish a year round Botanical Garden 3. Establish Permaculture Educational Farm 4. Job Creation in State of the Art Plant Propagation/Growth and Processing facility employing all level skill sets including impaired workers and designed to case study and document the physio/psychological benefits of such an environment. 5. Develop a replicable model micro and macro for national placement themed toward expansion of the “Garden Tourism” segment, while building workforce around the research, development and supply chain components. 6. Integrate and Streamline work from previous USDA agricultural case studies and research. Particularly in the areas of bio based fuels, chemicals and high value agricultural products. 7. New Economy Hemp Industrial Research, Development - Educational, and Execution Model - Bazelet Industries (Israel/Florida)


Holmes Co . |E- SCDP  V.6.5


Sustainable Communities Development Program


ESTO Farmers Market & Welcome Center

Brownfield Site - Grant approved Phase I Environmental assessment completed | Phase II not required Assessment findings: debris surface cleanup required. Site cleanup in process Site shovel ready – Q1, 2020

For FULL REPORT click on this image


ESTO Farmers market is a private development working in cooperation with the Bonifay Permaculture Center and the local farming community. Features: Farm to table international cuisine in a culturally programmed experience. Country style, open-air, pole barn pavilions with small restaurants, guest seating. MONUMINT and other tech based solutions, live-local entertainment, Wi-Fi, Security.

 Workforce housing community (17) lots  Workforce housing (4 lots)

Holmes County Welcome Center Uniquely visioned as an Information portal experience. Replacing pamphlets with an Interactive MONUMINT experience via Wi-Fi & NFC technology that provides information related to county programs and services.

Holmes Co . |E- SCDP  V.6.5


Holmes County Development Commission Sustainable Communities Development Program

Located approximately six miles northeast of Bonifay, Florida, Tri-County Airport covers an area of 304 acres at an elevation of 85 feet above mean sea level. The airport serves a variety of general aviation activities, including recreational activity and flight training. With its one 5,400-foot runway designated 01/19, the airport accommodates multi-engine and small business jet aircraft. The runway is equipped with medium intensity runway lights and precision approach path indicators. The runway can be expanded to 7,000 ft.

Tri-County Airport Project


 Extending Runway to 7000 + feet  Themed Air Control Tower  Executive/ Special Hybrid District FBO (Executive Service, Hospital, Military, Aviation Tech)

 Water Runway for Seaplane landing themed tourism component  New Hangers to facilitate workforce training, new tenants, seaplane operations and maintenance  Aero Innovation Working Hub  Surrounding land to be aggregated into a Seven Palms Ranch HQ Location (1400 Acres identified)  FEMA Logistics Integration  Military – Tech R&D, Training Component, particularly in sustainable fuel and personal and multi person drone

Live, Work, Play community

Private and Confidential

Holmes Co . |E- SCDP  V.6.5


Completed | Commercial Project Examples MgO Panel Systems

Embassy Suites, Naperville, IL

Semi conductor fabrication facility

Apartments, NSW, AU

Multi-family, NSW, AU


Sustainable Communities Development Program

Disaster Relief Housing Solution

Holmes Co . |E- SCDP  V.6.5


Sustainable Communities Development Program

Holmes County Development Commission



Jeffrey Allen – SCDP Program Manager Managing Member ECS Manufacturing Group, LLC. Phone: (850) 625-3061 Email:

Private and Confidential

Holmes Co . |E- SCDP  V.6.5

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