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NOV/DEC 2017

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UNDER DEVELOPMENT: ENHANCING PRACTICE PERFECT’S ACCESSIBILITY Updates to the Practice Perfect Web App and Our Direct Outbound Faxing Add-On Will Improve Your Practice Perfect Experience


In the second edition of our Under Development series, we’re going to dive into some exciting advances revolving around the Practice Perfect web app, our new faxing integration and updated client statements. The Practice Perfect EMR web app has become a staple for many of our users. Although it doesn’t offer all off the features yet, it provides users with access to the information they need, when they need it. Regardless of their OS, clients are using it to complete their daily scheduling and documentation tasks, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Profiles.” Previously limited to basic demographic information, you can now look up, enter and modify details contained in all tabs within the client’s detail records, including all guardian and incident-related data. Additionally, we’ve added the ability to access physician profiles and other contacts in the web app. ENHANCING THE WEB APP The Practice Perfect web app now includes complete “Client In the next iteration of the Practice Perfect EMR web app, we’re giving users the ability to view any documents under the “Activities by Documents” screen, not just the customized docs. Furthermore, the “Contact Log” is also under development for the web.

Practice Perfect will be able to be faxed. Furthermore, faxes will automatically be logged in the Contact Log for easy record keeping and for you to create follow-up reminders, if required.

To date, faxing has become one of Practice Perfect’s most in-demand add-ons. The fact that users could fax physicians, adjusters and other contacts a variety of documents from directly within the clinic’s EMR software is a huge timesaver for busy clinics. However, we relied on a third- party vendor to provide this service. Recently, they announced they will no longer be in the faxing business. As a result, we’re offering something that we’ve created in-house. Imagine being able to send faxes with the click of a button, no cover page necessary and no more idly standing around the faxing machine while you wait for your documents to be sent. There are three distinct aspects to Practice Perfect’s new faxing feature: 1. You’re able to easily send faxes through your email. Basically, the body of the email will serve as the cover page, and all of the documents you attach to the email comprise the fax. 2. You’ll gain access to the faxing web portal, a way for users to view a complete list of all the faxes they’ve ever sent.

4. For those of you who are interested in going entirely

paperless, we’ve developed a system that lets you receive faxes electronically, which in turn makes your fax machine obsolete! These features will be available to Practice Perfect users in the coming months. We’ve totally revamped the look of our client-based statements! The new statements provide additional information pertaining to each individual charge: how much is the patient’s responsibility, how much is the payer’s responsibility, how payments are allocated and even a column for adjustment details, as well. The new client statement can be generated with the click of a button. Upgrade to version 487 today to begin using this feature. To inquire about any of the above features or to get help installing the latest version of Practice Perfect, don’t hesitate to contact the support department. UPDATED CLIENT STATEMENTS

3. You’ll be able to send faxes

directly through Practice Perfect. This is hands down the most anticipated faxing feature. Any document that you can print in 1

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