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QUOTE OF THE WEEK: The resistance that you fight physically in the gym and the resistance that you fight in life can only build a strong character. — Arnold Schwarzenegger

The Gold’s Gym 12-Week Personal Transformation Plan

WEEK 1 Goal: Get Lean

Gym Days: 4 (pick whichever 4 days of the week you can work out)









Focus: Cardio Warm-up: 5 mins / brisk walk or jog on the treadmill

SHOULDER CIRCLES 30 secs each direction

Stand tall and let your arms hang at your sides. In a large circular motion, fluidly push your shoulders out, then up, then back, then down. Repeat the motion in the other direction.


TREADMILL INCLINES—Brisk Walking Increase incline level every 1 min until reaching Incline 15 Decrease incline level every 1 min until reaching 0 Duration: 30 mins

NECK ROTATIONS 5 reps each side

Stand tall, your arms hanging at your sides. Bend your neck to bring your head toward your shoulders. Gently rotate your neck in one direction in a large circle before returning to the starting position. GOOD MORNING STRETCH 5 reps Stand tall in a shoulder-width stance. Place hands on the back of your head, bending the elbows 90 degrees. Maintain a tight core and upright torso. Bend forward at the hips, keeping the back straight. Maintain a slight arch in lower back, and keep the chest and head up. Lower yourself until you feel a stretch in the hamstrings, or until your back is almost parallel with the ground.

Beginner: 2.5–3 mph Intermediate: 3–3.5 mph Advanced: 3.5–4 mph

Incline tips: Try not to hold on to the side of the treadmill. At Incline 9, you will begin to feel a difference. Between Inclines 9–12, you will want to grab on to the side of treadmill. Try not to: Pump your arms, keep your head straight and slightly up, and breathe. Decline tips: As you decline, keep your core tight, head slightly up, and breathe. You will begin to feel a little more normal between Incline 9 and Incline 7.

Cooldown Walk at an easy pace: 5 mins

Stretching: 8–10 mins


HAMSTRING STRETCH Hold 30 secs each side Stand next to an exercise bench. Place one leg on the bench. Stand tall, puff out your chest, and move your shoulders down. Slightly bend your standing leg at the knee and bend over at the waist. Once you feel a stretch behind the thigh of your lifted leg, stop and hold this position.

GLUTE STRETCH Hold 45 secs each side

LYING ABDUCTION STRETCH Hold 30 secs each side Lie on the ground on your right side, your left leg stacked on your right, and your knees bent 90 de- grees. Lift your left knee, raising it as high as you can while keeping your feet together.


Lie on your back and cross one leg over the other.Clasp your hands behind your uncrossed leg. Hug your leg in toward your stomach.

Place hands together, palms facing each other with fingers interlocked behind your back. Straighten and rotate your palms so they face downward. Lift arms away from the body until you feel a stretch in the biceps.

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