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Have you ever seen a more beautiful spring? The flowers are in full bloom as I write the introduction to this month’s newsletter. Everywhere you look, fragrant, colorful flowers. A new baseball season is upon us. Last year was a less-than-successful season — I believe we ended at 2-14. We had a pretty good draft and a pretty good team; however, you just never know how a new group of people will play together as a team until they get a few games under their belt. Looking back, it took our team awhile to play together and support each other. This year, as I write this, we already have twice as many wins as we had last year, so we are off to a much better start. The spring temperatures and beautiful scenery make this the perfect time of year to be outdoors in Savannah. Enjoy the weather while it is nice — we might be in for a hot summer. Stay safe, and have a Happy Easter!

There is no shortage of vacation options tailored to families with young children, but what happens when your kids reach high school and college? You might think that vacationing with older kids is a bigger hassle than it’s worth. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, an entire new world of vacation possibilities opens up once your children hit their teenage years. Dragging a 4-year-old through a national park tour might be a headache, but doing the same with a 14-year-old can be fun. The best part of vacationing with older children is that it’s a lot easier to pick a destination that appeals to the entire family. There’s nothing wrong with an all-inclusive trip to a resort for the sole purpose of unwinding, but a vacation can be much more than leisure. The next time you plan a family trip, consider these options tailor-made to delight teens and adults alike. A n U rban A dventure If you’re the type of family that enjoys an activity-centric vacation, a major city is the perfect destination for you. Trips to cities offer a lot more flexibility and personalization than one-size-fits-all cruises or resorts. Mom and one child may want to spend time at a museum while Dad and another catch a baseball game. Cities allow you to account for the various interests of family members rather than forcing everyone to spend all their time together. Visiting a city also cuts down on the aspects of traveling that most people detest. With robust public transportation and the explosion of ride-sharing services like Uber, you won’t need to rent a car. You’re also far less likely to encounter the fifth-day fatigue that sets in when you’re stuck at a resort and have run out of things to do.

-Ty Wilson

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