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Creating a Little Extra Happiness What My Hobbies Mean to Me

January 2020

January has been deemed National Hobby Month, and I think this gives everyone a great opportunity to indulge in the hobbies that make them happy and to really take a moment to appreciate what these activities do for us. One lifelong hobby I have is fishing. More specifically, deep-sea fishing off the Jersey Shore. I’ll never forget my first time: At just 4 years old, my father, grandfather, and all my uncles hauled me onto a big, rickety boat in the middle of a storm. The trip had been planned for weeks, so they weren’t about to let a little rain change things. But it was more than a little rain, and it should have been a terrifying experience for a 4-year-old. Instead, I remember it as one of the most thrilling moments of my life. I don’t know if it was the fact that we were fighting a storm, that we managed to catch a cooler full of sea bass, or that I was finally “one of the boys” fishing on the open ocean, but that trip draws me back to the Atlantic every summer. Fishing has turned into an exciting competition among all of us now, but the stories of time spent with family are ones we always regale. Plus, you can’t beat the relaxation. I’ve always said that if I ever retire (which I also say I’ll never do), I’ll run a bait shop on the shore and spend the rest of my days fishing and selling bait to kindred spirits. Hey, a guy can dream. A second hobby I’ve come to immensely enjoy is collecting relics from the RevolutionaryWar. I grew up in Philadelphia and have always been a huge history buff, especially when it comes to American wars. Now that my daughter is attending school in Boston, whenever I visit her, I’m always reinstilled with a love of history because that area has so much to experience. About six months ago, amid one of these trips, I was hit with the itch to start finding a way to connect

further with the history of our country. I could think of no better way than to collect items from the birth of our beginnings.

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The first piece I collected was an old wooden canteen with so much character that I can picture the solider who clutched it as he drank. Since then, I’ve collected some continental currency, a few old game dice with the Stamp Act crown emblazoned on them, bullets and bullet molds, and more. But my favorite find so far is a newspaper that was printed in 1776 in Philadelphia. Wading through all the stories that detail the events occurring during that time is like stepping into the past, and it’s an incredible find that fills me with pride and appreciation every time I leaf through it. There’s something about hobbies that give our lives a little bit of extra meaning. They’re a great way to unwind from the responsibilities thrust upon us, and they instill a happiness you just can’t find anywhere else. Sometimes, it’s important to take a step away and indulge in something new so you can gain perspective and appreciation in other facets of your life. So, whether you have old hobbies or new hobbies, I hope you find some extra time this month to enjoy them.



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