Board Converting News, April 4, 2022

Baumer hhs, WestRock Partner On QA In German Folding Carton Plant As a producer of high-end folding cartons, WestRock in Düren, Germany, is the ideal partner for Baumer hhs when it comes to field testing new equipment. The new PX 1000 cold glue application head and new GDX 1000 cold glue monitoring sensor recently were put through the last stag- es of development at WestRock prior to market introduc- tion. This combination of the PX 1000 and GDX 1000 for gluing and monitoring sets new standards, reduces quality costs in folding carton production and makes it easier for the plant to produce packaging of the highest quality. “We always have the latest, market-leading equipment from Baumer hhs for adhesive application and quality con- trol on our machines, so we can explore its advantages for our customers at an early stage. In turn, we also in- fluence its development with the high demands we place on the performance, user-friendliness and reliability of our production systems,” says Giuliano Terracciano, Head of Finishing and the Gluing Department, as to why We- stRock-owned Multi Packaging Solutions Düren GmbH is happy to act as a partner for Baumer hhs. The three-shift plant in Düren specializes in the produc- tion of premium paper and board packaging for confec- tionery products. “Top quality is just barely good enough for our customers. Baumer hhs can put its innovations to

the acid test on our machines under very demanding con- ditions, using both relatively simple cartons run at high speed, as well as more complex packaging. Our two com- panies have been working together very closely for many years on advanced projects,” explains Plant Manager Dirk Matzke. The first prototypes of the new cold glue PX 1000 ap- plication head and GDX 1000 monitoring sensor were in- stalled at the plant in late 2020. “Baumer hhs asked us in autumn if we would be interested in testing a new cold glue head, developed specifically to also process complex packaging at high speeds, in one of our folder-gluers. In the lab, the new head had achieved outstanding results in a number of categories, including start-up behavior, precision application and flexible response to fluctuating adhesive viscosities. Baumer hhs now wanted to see if it could verify these advantages under demanding produc- tion conditions over an extended period of time,” says Ter- racciano in retrospect. Precise Adhesive Application After just a few trial runs in the folder-gluer, machine operators were thrilled with the new equipment because it significantly facilitated their work. “The PX 1000 doesn’t need to be cleaned as often. Production interruptions due to cleaning are down considerably as a result, and that benefits productivity in packaging production. What’s more, the new head applies adhesive more precisely and CONTINUED ON PAGE 58

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April 4, 2022

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