Board Converting News, April 4, 2022

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ing sensor was installed in the folder-gluer alongside the PX 1000. With its high resolution and innovative measur- ing principle based on the latest electronics, it guarantees even more reliable control of the gluing process right up to the highest machine speeds – which is a plus for demand- ing folding cartons applications in particular. “The GDX 1000 greatly simplifies the monitoring of glue-free areas,” says Terracciano. Machine operators no longer have to define blind-out areas along the edges when setting up the quality control parameters. In teach- in mode, the high-performance sensor detects them inde- pendently – even on printed glue flaps during production. Setup times have been reduced to a minimum and input errors ruled out. Thanks also to more reliable measurement results, production stops and reject rates have been further mini- mized to increase both productivity and quality. Gone are the days in the production of crash-lock bottom or 4/6-cor- ner boxes when glue-free areas on colour transitions and angled edges were identified as defects and the blanks ejected, when the boxes were in fact flawlessly glued. The GDX 1000 detects only real defects in the gluing process – and with unmatched reliability. The high precision of the PX 1000 in applying adhesive goes hand-in-hand with the reliability of the GDX 1000 in monitoring glue-free areas. “This new equipment makes it easier for us to meet specified reliability and quality tar-

in smaller dimensions than we have ever experienced be- fore. It really exploits this advantage on packaging prod- ucts with small flaps and at very high machine speeds. The new head makes it easier than ever for us to avoid inside gluing and ensure the functionality of our packaging prod- ucts,” says Terracciano. For example, in the production of telescope-type boxes with side seam gluing for chocolates, the PX 1000 applies the glue lines exactly from the defined start to end points. “Generally speaking, the new head once again signifi- cantly increases the reliability of adhesive application and therefore of the overall production process. Our machine operators can be sure the glue is applied right where it belongs - and only there,” Terracciano adds. Another advantage of the new head is how it facilitates the work of operators: The PX 1000 works smoothly and reliably even when it cycles relatively infrequently, as is the case in the production of lock bottom boxes. “During the trial runs, we suggested that Baumer hhs make several optimizations, which they implemented per- fectly,” says Terracciano, illustrating again how working in close partnership to improve gluing equipment in folding carton production results in various synergies for both companies. A Perfect Combination The prototype of the new GDX 1000 cold glue monitor-


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April 4, 2022

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