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Offering? Naïo Technologies offers autonomous weeding and farming assistant robots with a focus on vegetables and vineyards. The company offers four robots; two for vineyards (Ted & Jo), and two for vegetables (Oz & Orio). Naïo has quickly scaled its business, with around 300 of its robots currently in service. Business model? The company has two main business models: sales of robots and, in the US, robotics -as-a-service. Having recently received a license to sell equipment in the US, Naïo will be moving to a sales model there as well. Impact? Naïo’s robots typically offer an ROI of around two years, although this varies based on region and other factors. Savings can range from $10 to $500 per acre, depending on crop and farm characteristics. Growth path? Looking ahead, Naïo plans to enable its robots to operate 100% autonomously, which will allow human operators to be concerned only with decision making. The company will also continue to scale in its core markets of Europe and the US, seeking to achieve 1,000 robots in service by 2025.

Naïo Technologies’ autonomous vegetable weeding robot, Orio

Figure 47: Naïo Technologies – Interview spotlight

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