The results indicate that start-ups are mostly focused on the outdoor growing environment, with almost 60 percent of start-up respondents focusing solely on their outdoor offering. However, the focus on the indoor growing environment is expected to rise with growing market potential, with the average share of the roadmap increasing from 26 percent in 2022 to 35 percent in 2028. Roughly one-in-five start-ups have an almost complete focus on indoor while 58% have zero focus on indoor. This indicates that most start-ups are focusing

on one or the other, for the time being. The percentage of start-ups with 90-100 percent focus on indoor and 0 percent focus on indoor both decrease by 2028, however. The indication here is that start-ups will seek to increasingly branch out across both indoor and outdoor as time goes by regardless of which environment they are focused on.

This report will continue to track these and other trends that emerge in the specialty crop automation space.

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