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Honoring My Best Teacher A Father Who Valued Hard Work

G rowing up with a handy father, it wasn’t unusual for me to wake up on weekends to the beginning of an enormous project. For my father, the fact that we didn’t live on a farm didn’t stop him from engrossing himself in farm work, and it was common to see him walking around with wheelbarrows of mulch or other supplies. I remember waking up one particular morning to see a dump truck unloading into our driveway. As gravel poured into our yard, I asked my dad what was happening. According to him, we had an issue with parking at our house, and because we had a long, skinny driveway, we were going to add slots for parking along the edge. I was told to eat my breakfast and join him outside for a day of manual labor, where I ended up hitching myself up like a horse and running the machinery over the gravel. The best part of this story is that my parents finally put in a permanent driveway when I left for college. At least the foundation I laid worked for a few years.

there people who do this for a living?” Eventually, however, our basement was completed by my family. For as much as I dreaded spending my weekends digging basements or flattening gravel as a teenager, I am thankful for the lessons I learned. In fact, I sometimes forget that most

people didn’t grow up with fathers who were as maintenance savvy as mine, and it often surprises people that I know how to perform the work I do. But more importantly, my father taught me the value of producing something with your own two hands. As an accountant with his own firm, Dad played a big role in getting Four Corners Health and Rehabilitation off the ground. In the beginning, he was our chief advisor, guiding us on getting the business started and set up. I grew up with a business owner, so I knew that having a personal accountant and advisor was a huge advantage for me. Launching my physical therapy clinic was less intimidating than it could have been because I had the support and advice of my father to fall back on. As a family, we don’t have any big traditions for Father’s Day, but this is usually around the time of the year that my parents, my family, and my in-laws pack up and head to Anna Maria Island. This annual trip has been a tradition for more than 15 years now, and every year, we look forward to sandy beach sunsets, hours spent in the ocean, and adventures on our Jet Skis.

And this wasn’t the first or even the last time my father took on a big home- improvement project. Our house had a tiny crawl space (quite common in Chicago homes because they typically don’t have basements). So when my dad decided it was time for us to have a basement, he was gung-ho about doing it himself. He had experts dig out the space, but Dad was determined to build the stairs and roof himself. At one point, we just had a ladder and no roof on our ramshackle basement. I remember thinking, “Aren’t

Thankfully, it’s also usually the time Dad puts the wheelbarrow down and takes a break.

-Luke Kron, PT Managing Partne



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