Amar Stewart: Seeing Double

AMAR STEWART Amar grew up about 90 minutes north of London in a small town called Leamington Spa. Early on, he began to gain interest in drawing and would recreate comic book covers in his sketchbook. At this point, he still didn’t know what he wanted to do, but he knew that he wanted to create. And as a quiet, often shy kid, Amar quickly learned that his creative interests were a great way to express himself and pay homage to his inspirations. He started to get serious about painting in his early twenties. For several years, he experimented with different mediums ranging from water colors, pencil, chalk, acrylic, and aerosol. Eventually, he experimented with oil and instantly loved how the more traditional style of paint worked for him. And with his first big collection, The Masters, featuring famous Hip-Hop artists dressed as 17th century aristocrats, the traditional aesthetic of oil paint was the perfect match. In 2014, Amar made the move across the Atlantic to New York, the birthplace of Hip-Hop to continue his career in a setting that lives and breathes the inspiration for his works.


ORDER HERE WHY PAINT IN 3D? We live in a world where we swipe through hundreds of images daily on and 5-6” screen with a 2-3 second attention span. Amar produced the work where people spend time viewing the work seeing different parts of the painting come to life. To study the lines, separate the colors and let your mind to get lost. As was the case with “The Masters,” the traditional aesthetic of Amar’s oils on canvas adds to the nostalgia of the subject matter. “When viewing the works,”Amar says, “I wanted to be taken back to that time inmy life when the cinema crew would hand you a pair of glasses and the excitement would build as you would wait for the movie to start and the screen would jump out at you.” But unlike the films, you don’t need a pair of glasses to appreciate the pieces. They stand on their own.

Picture credit The New York Times

The New York Times - “How Amar Stewart, Hip-Hop painter and Cancer Survivor, Spends His Sunday’s.

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