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02 .2020


W ith Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about partnership this month. At home, my fiancée Ana is my partner, and her hard work helping run our household makes my life easier and more fulfilled. I don’t know what I’d do without her! At the office, I’m lucky enough to have a similar partnership with Luis. He’s my right hand, and together we’ve pushed Bader Scott to become bigger and better. Though my partnership with Luis is still fairly new, it has been vital for propelling my firm forward. In part, I think this is because we have great chemistry: Something clicked from the moment we met, and I knew we’d work well together. However, I also think it comes down to the power of partnership itself. At home or at work, there are three main ingredients every partnership needs to be successful: visionary alignment, a shared strategy, and a mutual set of core values. If you don’t have common goals for the future, an agreed-upon path for how to get there, and shared ethics and beliefs to guide you along the way, you won’t get very far as a duo.

I agree with Seth on partnerships 100% — and I’ve even had a front-row seat to his dedication. Before I officially came onboard at Bader Scott, the two of us spent an entire month hunkered down at

his house, working on nailing down the three things that make a partnership tick. It was that important to him that we were on the same page with Bader Scott’s best interests at heart. Then and only then did we announce we’d be working together. That process was important to me, too, because I’ve seen the value of a strong partnership up close. My wife, Rachel, and I built our marriage on the foundation of visionary alignment, shared strategy, and mutual core values. Before we pulled the trigger on getting hitched, we talked extensively about our vision for the future, including how many kids we’d have, what type of house we’d live in, and what kind of vacations we’d take. Then, we discussed how we’d accomplish those things. We decided we’d work for a few years before having kids, for example, and sacrifice some vacations early on in order to save money and pay off our debts. Rachel and I even talked about our core values as a couple, like being diverse, generous, and respectful at all times. We promised to have fun together and always look forward to coming home. Those discussions weren’t so different from the ones I had with Seth. In both cases, we had to come to an agreement before moving forward to accomplish the big things we’ve done since. Bader Scott has grown from 25 employees to 150 and counting! There’s no denying all the hard work we’ve put in has paid off.

“There are three main ingredients every partnership needs to be successful: visionary alignment, a shared strategy, and a mutual set of core values.”

Luis and I definitely share a vision, strategy, and set of values for Bader Scott. We’re both working toward growth — personally, professionally, and financially. In fact, growth is so important to us and the firm that we’ve made it an acronym outlining our core values: Gratitude, Respect, Openheartedness, Winning, Trust, and Humility. This Valentine’s Day, while I’ll certainly spoil Ana, I’ll also think of all the partners in my life who have helped make it a success. I hope you do the same!

–Luis Scott, Managing Partner

–Seth Bader, Founder

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