Feature Program & Service Members Program


This program will not only be used to recognize outstanding achievement at the Industry Awards Celebration, but for special programming during the Western Fairs Association Convention .

Division 30 : New Cultural Program - Innovation, adaptability to other fairs/events, net results. Use the Innovations & Management Excellence form for division 30

Division 31 : Cultural Marketing Campaign - This division is to include: Website, Digital Advertising, paid (nonorganic) advertising- can include standard leaderboard, big box, skyscraper or other retail ad banners, rich media, page takeovers or site skins, or boosted social media posts and ads. Judging Criteria: Effectiveness, creativity, results. Use the Marketing & Media Form for divisin 31 New! Section 3 - SERVICE MEMBER PROGRAM Acheivement Awards competition to be entered by Service Members only Use the Innovations & Management Excellence form for division 33. Supporting documentation: Should illustrate the project. Photographs, media reports, charts, hand-outs and written testimonials are examples of acceptable forms of supporting documentation (up to 10 pages) . Division 32 : Give it your Best Shot - Submit a single photo (minimum 300 dpi, file size not to exceed 7 MB) for each area that best represents your fairtime experience. 32 a. Carnival 32 b. Exhibits 32 c. Animals 32 d. Community Division 33 : Inspiring Collaborations - Tell us about an important collaboration between one or more service members and one specific Fair.

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