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Retention Coordinator A VIVA CONCEPTS BUSINESS EDUCATION JOURNAL Volume I, No 1 An Educational Message— The Business of Dentistry ™

by Greg Hughes, CEO Viva Concepts

This is the first issue in a continuing series of educational publications you will recieve bi-monthly from Viva. The purpose of this publication is to bring about the most beneficial results possible for each of our clients and to improve the business skills of staff through educational materials on the subject of business and its relationship to marketing. It is axiomatic that a change of behavior comes about only through an increase in education. The highest business principal from University Business Degrees have long since established that business growth and marketing are inseparable subjects. More importantly, if the owner and employees do not have a basic understanding of marketing in relation to the business, then one’s marketing efforts become less effective or not effective at all. It is an indisputable fact that without an understanding of business laws and their relationship to the marketing cycle—the business will become stale, level off and ultimately “handcuff” the owner to the practice for a lifetime. On the other hand, if the owner and his or her key “right-hand” person understand the fundamental “Laws of Business” and how the marketing cycle works, then the business will grow and continue to grow through the years. I have personally met many of you and in doing so, it has been my pleasure to forward as much knowledge and understanding to assist in your future growth plans.

Farid Tabibdadeh

Dr. Hughes and his partner Farid Tabibdadeh researched and developed seminar training aids the curriculum to train the retention coordinator, office staff and doctor. The research and development uncovers four business laws that resulted in the exposure of the largest situation in dentistry—the devasting loss of patients.

information? While new patients are important and a key aspect to the marketing cycle, its importance is secondary to consumer retention ! This is not opinion, but based on numbers (metrics and analytics within our industry of dentistry). Over 90% of patients are lost out the back door! Herein lies the most major situiation in our industry. As such, the Retention Coordinator is a position in the dental practice that does not in fact exist. This position and title were created based on extensive business

The name of this publication is called “The Retention Coordinator.” For more than 50 years practitioners have been informed that the largest growth factor is obtaining new patients. This is utterly false. “The largest growth factor is obtaining new patients. This is utterly false.”

If this is false, then what is the true

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