Spring III 2022

Let Love Lift You Up

Celebrate summer love with new Limited Edition Figurines

See page 2 for details.

Spring III 2022

Celebrate Summer Love

Swing rope is made of real twine.


Your Love Lifts Me Higher Figurine Limited to only 3,000 pieces worldwide. These two lovebirds share a glorious spring day outdoors. He pushes her gently on a swing while she listens to his hopes and dreams for their future. Bisque porcelain. 7.5"L x 6"W x 7.75"H. 213004 | $175.00

Yours for only $ 15 .00 SPECIAL OFFER with purchase of $30.00 or more. ($30.00 Retail Value)

You’re My Honey LED Figurine This adorable light-up teddy bear figurine lets someone know how sweet you think they are! Resin. Includes 3 button cell batteries. 5.5"H. 219025 | $30.00 $15.00 EXCLUSIVE

PreciousMoments.com | 866.336.2554


I Dolphin-ately Love You Figurine Enjoy an underwater love story! Tail fin to tail fin, this pair of playful dolphins share a love that is as deep as the sea. Bisque porcelain. 5"H. 209046 | $60.00 EXCLUSIVE

Serving Up Some Love For You Figurine Love is served! This thoughtful chef aims to delight the palate of his sweetheart with a cupcake baked with the most important ingredient: love! Bisque porcelain. 5.75"H. 213002 | $90.00 Personalized | $96.00

You Are My Heart’s Dancing Partner Figurine What a thrill it is to take a spin around the ballroom with your favorite dancing partner. Let your heart’s dancing partner know how much you enjoy waltzing through life by their side. Bisque porcelain. 5.25"H. 219022 | $75.00 Personalized | $81.00 EXCLUSIVE

Every DayWith You Is A Picnic Figurine Enjoy everyday moments like a picnic in the park with the one you love. This couple shows that all you need is a blanket, favorite foods, and great company to have a joyful afternoon. Bisque porcelain. 4"H. 212004 | $85.00


You’re One In AMelon Figurine The perfect way to tell someone how very special they are, this figurine says it sweetly and is sure to bring a smile to their face every time they see it. Bisque porcelain. 4.75"H. 213003 | $80.00

I Found My Sweetheart Figurine Show your sweetheart how you feel with this happy couple sharing a tender moment as they express their love for one another with a sweet treat. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 212003 | $70.00 Personalized | $76.00

Love You Bunches Figurine There’s no hiding how much love these sweet young messengers hold! A note that says “Love You Bunches!” is tucked into a huge bouquet of flowers.

Bisque porcelain. 5"H. Girl | 216010 | $40.00 Boy | 216011 | $40.00

PreciousMoments.com | 866-336-2554


Love-Inspired Limited Editions

Limited Edition figurines feature unique blue eyes.

Our Love Is Forever Blooming Figurine Limited to only 1,500 pieces worldwide. A touching scene illustrates the lasting power of love as a thoughtful young man presents freshly-picked blooms to his beloved on a splendid spring day. Bisque porcelain. 7"L x 5"W x 6.5"H. 219021 | $120.00 EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION

Our Love Has No Limits Figurine Limited to only 3,000 pieces worldwide. Like a ride in a sporty red convertible, love will leave you exhilarated! This figurine captures the excitement of limitless love. Bisque porcelain. 8.5"L x 6.75"W x 5.5"H. 213001 | $175.00 LIMITED EDITION


Wedding Gifts


Forever In Love Figurine Each couple’s love story is unique and beautiful in its own way. Sporting their brand new wedding bands, this happy couple raises their arms in joyful Non-Customizable (shown) | Blonde Hair/ Light Skin Girl, Brunette Hair/Light Skin Boy | 219014D | $80.00 Customizable | 219014 | $100.00 celebration of their love. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H.

Best Day Ever Figurine Bisque porcelain. 7"H. 172007 | $75.00

You’re My Always Figurine A bride and groom sit upon a bench and gaze deeply into one another’s eyes, so happy that their wedding day has finally arrived! Bisque porcelain. 4.5"H. 212005 | $80.00

My Daughter, My Pride, A Beautiful Bride Figurine Bisque porcelain/Fabric. 5.5"H. 153009 | $80.00 Personalized | $86.00

PreciousMoments.com | 866-336-2554


Celebrate Any Anniversary

Visit www.PreciousMoments.com/ customizable-figurines for hair color and skin tone options.


Founded In Faith, Joined In Love Figurine This touching figurine features a sweet couple in love. It can be customized with the hair color and skin tones of your choice to reflect you and your beloved! Bisque porcelain. 5"H. Non-Customizable | Blonde Hair/Light Skin Girl, Brunette Hair/Light Skin Boy | 219013D | $80.00 Customizable (shown) | 219013 | $100.00

Shown: Blonde Hair/Light Skin Girl, Black Hair/Medium Skin Boy

You Make Life Beautiful General Anniversary Figurine Bisque porcelain. 5.25"H. 202005 | $70.00

Our LoveWas Meant To Be General Anniversary Figurine Bisque porcelain. 5"H. 115909 | $70.00

AWhole Year Filled With Special Moments 1st Anniversary Figurine Bisque porcelain. 5"H. 115910 | $70.00

Personalize It See Page 20 for details.

Add a hand-painted name or date to your figurine.


Gifts For Graduates

Write a message on the back!

The Future Belongs To You Ornament A beautiful reminder of how proud you are of all she has accomplished, this ornament can be hung by a young graduate’s bedside, from a car mirror, or anywhere she needs some inspiration. Bisque porcelain. 3"H. 213016 | $15.00

Congrats! Figurine Honor a graduation or any

accomplishment simply and sweetly with this adorable girl holding her purple balloon. It becomes a lasting reminder of their achievement and your thoughtfulness. Bisque porcelain. 6.5"H. 216008 | $45.00

Believe In Possibility Musical Snow Globe Plays “Pomp and Circumstance”. Resin/Glass. 5.75"H. 203120 | $37.50

The Future Belongs To You Figurine Bisque porcelain. 5.75"H. 183007 | $55.00

I Did It! Figurine Bisque porcelain. 4.5"H. 173014 | $45.00

PreciousMoments.com | 866-336-2554



Select the version you prefer for your friend.

You’re The Sister I Chose Figurine Friends share a bond like sisters. This endearing figurine is perfect to customize to look like you and your BFF, making a treasured gift that represents your lifelong friendship. Bisque porcelain. 5.25"H. Non-Customizable | Girl 1 Brunette Hair/Light Skin, Girl 2 Blonde Hair/Light Skin | 219012D | $80.00 Customizable (shown) | 219012 | $100.00 EXCLUSIVE Visit www.PreciousMoments.com/ customizable-figurines for hair color and skin tone options.

Shown: Girl 1 Red Hair/Light Skin, Girl 2 Blonde Hair/Light Skin

A Sweet Friendship Refreshes The Soul Figurine Let your best friend know just how important she is with a gift that serves as a lasting reminder of how much you value her

friendship. Bisque porcelain. 4.5"H. Without Masks | 213008 | $75.00 With Masks | 213008E | $75.00

So Lucky To Have A Friend Like You Figurine Lucky are those with true friendships to cherish. This darling girl holds a four-leaf clover to symbolize how blessed she is to have such a special friend. Bisque porcelain. 5.25"H. Blonde Exclusive (shown) | 213007D | $45.00 Brunette | 213007 | $45.00

Visit PreciousMoments.com for more gifts that celebrate friendship.


Religious Gifts

Wishing You God’s Blessings Figurine Creating a picture of love and acceptance, a beautiful blue butterfly rests upon an angel’s palm, symbolic of all God’s blessings. Bisque porcelain. 4.75"H. 213013 | $45.00

Wishing You God’s Blessings Musical Give a meaningful gift from the heart. This musical features a beautiful blue butterfly resting upon an angel’s palm, symbolic of all God’s blessings. Plays “The Lord’s Prayer”. Resin. 6"H. 213101 | $40.00

Wishing You God’s Blessings Photo Frame Display a favorite photo as a lasting keepsake to commemorate her confirmation day. It is also appropriate for First Communion, baptism, or to simply offer encouragement. Holds a 4" x 6" photo. Resin/Glass. 7.75"H. 213404 | $27.50

PreciousMoments.com | 866-336-2554 10

ABlessed Baptism From their first days, a little one born into a faithful family knows they are cradled in love and acceptance.

Each sold separately.

Cradled In His Love On their baptism day, they are formally welcomed into their church family. Honor the blessed occasion with one of these thoughtful gifts! Photo frames hold a 4" x 6" photo. Rosary boxes include a beaded rosary. Girl Figurine | Bisque porcelain | 3.5"H. | 212018 | $45.00 Girl Cross | Bisque porcelain | 6.25"H. | 212401 | $45.00 Girl Photo Frame | Bisque porcelain/Glass | 8.25"H. | 212403 | $27.50 Girl Rosary Box with Rosary | Resin/Metal/Plastic | 3"H. | 212405 | $27.50 Boy Figurine | Bisque porcelain | 3.25"H. | 212019 | $45.00 Boy Cross | Bisque porcelain | 6.25"H. | 212402 | $45.00 Boy Photo Frame | Bisque porcelain/Glass | 8.25"H. | 212404 | $27.50 Boy Rosary Box with Rosary | Resin/Metal/Plastic | 3"H. | 212406 | $27.50


Girls’ RoomDécor

Contents not included. Each sold separately.

You Leave A Little Sparkle Wherever You Go Figurine Bisque porcelain. 6"H. 192006 | $50.00

You Leave A Little SparkleWherever You Go Make any girl feel like the star of the show with a gift that sends a sweet message and adds a touch of beauty to her bedroom. Photo frame holds 4" x 6" photo. Musical plays “Swan Lake”. Photo Frame | Resin/Glass | 7.75"H. | 213405 | $20.00 Musical | Resin | 6"H. | 213105 | $40.00

Find Your Rainbow Squishy Plush Plush. 14"H. A15847 | $20.00

Reach For The Sky Figurine Encourage anyone with this peppy cheerleader that serves as a reminder you are always rooting for them. Bisque porcelain. 5.75"H. Brunette Exclusive | 212014D | $50.00 Blonde (shown) | 212014 | $50.00 Personalized | $56.00

May Your Dreams Come True Lilac Sparkle Unicorn Stuffed Animal Plush. 8.5"H. A15848 | $14.00

PreciousMoments.com | 866-336-2554


Celebrate A Talented Girl

Each sold separately.

Set Your Goals High Figurine Some girls are just goal-oriented! This one has her eye on the target and is ready to give it her best shot. Bisque porcelain. 6.25"H.

Brunette Exclusive | 202012D | $50.00 Blonde (shown) | 202012 | $50.00 Personalized | $56.00

Kick Like A Girl Figurine Practicing each move to perfection, this student of martial arts demonstrates discipline, patience, and persistence. Bisque porcelain. 4.75"H. Blonde Exclusive | 202013D | $50.00 Brunette (shown) | 202013 | $50.00 Personalized | $56.00 Take Your Best Shot Figurine Inspire someone to go for it, whether on the court or any area of life, with this uplifting basketball player figurine. Bisque porcelain. 5.75"H. Blonde Hair/Light Skin Exclusive | 212013D | $50.00 Brunette Hair/Light Skin (shown) | 212013 | $50.00 Brunette Hair/Medium Skin | 212013E | $50.00 Personalized | $56.00

Greatness Is Already Inside You Figurine Ready to perform her floor routine, this young gymnast, in her sparkly purple leotard, strikes a confident pose, ready to give it her all! Bisque porcelain. 5.25"H. 193006 | $45.00

Personalize It See Page 20 for details.

Add a hand-painted name or date to your figurine.


Precious Moments will donate 5% of the sales price from select Mealtime Gift Sets to Feed the Children.

OverflowingWith Love

From July 15, 2018 through December 31, 2023, Precious Moments will donate 5% of the sales price of select Mealtime Gift Sets to Feed the Children to help its efforts to eradicate childhood hunger and create a healthy foundation for children and families to break the cycle of poverty. Available in U.S.A. only. | © 2018 Feed the Children, Inc. Noah’s Ark Mealtime Gift Set Bamboo. Dishwasher safe. BPA free. Set contains 1 each: Plate 8.25" Dia., Bowl 6" Dia., Cup 3.5"H. Holds 8 oz., Fork and Spoon 5.25"L. 182433 | $17.50

Noah’s Ark 4-Piece Plush Playset With sweet, stitched eyes, each animal in this cuddly playset makes a different sound: the giraffe rattles, the elephant squeaks, and the tiger crinkles. A precious playset for little ones to snuggle. Plush. 6"H. A15853 | $20.00

OverflowingWith Love Musical Sweet animal faces let every child know they are loved. Plays “Mozart’s Lullaby”. Resin. 5"H. 213104 | $40.00

OverflowingWith Love Musical Snow Globe Plays “Jesus Loves Me”. Resin/Glass. 5.5"H. 173432 | $42.50

Your Story Has Just Begun Bookends Keep your child’s book collection together with this pair of bookends. Resin. 2 pieces. 7"H. 201443 | $41.00

PreciousMoments.com | 866-336-2554 14

A Loving Nursery

Love You Bear-y Much Musical Snow Globe Mothers love and protect their little ones with the gentleness yet fierceness of a mama bear. This beautiful snow globe plays “Brahms’ Lullaby” as glitter surrounds a sweet bear and her cub. Resin/Glass. 5.75"H. 212104 | $40.00

Contents not included.

Love You Bear-y Much Bank This bank features a mama bear and her cub looking sweetly at one another while storing a young one’s savings.

Love You Bear-y Much LED Nightlight Young ones feel safer with a nightlight that features a mama bear and her cub. The gentle glow illuminates their bedroom or hallway in a sweet way. Bisque porcelain. Includes two AAA batteries. 5"H. 212407 | $28.00

Ceramic. 5.5"H. 212408 | $20.00


Wild About You Musical Snow Globe A father lion and his cub perfectly showcase the special bond between parent and child. This darling snow globe plays “Brahms’ Lullaby” as glitter surrounds the pair. Resin/Glass. 5.75"H. 212107 | $40.00

Wild About You LED Nightlight Turn this darling nightlight on every night for a gentle glow in a little one’s bedroom or the hallway. Bisque porcelain. Includes two AAA batteries. 5"H. 212409 | $28.00

Contents not included.

Wild About You Bank This adorable bank captures the special father and child bond while helping a young one learn to save. Ceramic. 5.5"H. 212410 | $20.00

PreciousMoments.com | 866-336-2554 16

Precious Earth Precious Moments will donate 5% of the sales price from select Precious Earth gifts to Wildlife Conservation Network. Featuring endangered or threatened animals, each gift includes a photo card that shares the animal’s story.

LoveYou Forever Photo Frame All the Earth rejoices when a new baby joins the ranks. A sweet red wolf looks over a 4" x 6" photo of the precious little one. Resin/Glass. 6.75"H. 203115 | $20.00

My First Steps Photo Frame Those first few steps a baby takes mark the beginning of their journey toward independence. Holds 4" x 6" photo. Resin/Glass. 7.75"H. 202405 | $20.00

Endangered animal story card included with each Precious Earth gift.

Always Be Curious, Giving, And Free Musical Snow Globe The three-toed sloth might move slowly and deliberately, but this one takes a moment to share a smile from the treetops. Plays “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star”. Resin/Glass. 5.75"H. 213103 | $40.00

17 Precious Moments will donate 5% of the sales price of select Precious Earth gifts to Wildlife Conservation Network to support their efforts to save the world’s endangered animals. Available in U.S.A. only. | © 2019 Wildlife Conservation Network, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.

Thinking Of You

Breathe More, Worry Less Figurine This young yogi inspires a life of deep breathing and positivity. Give this figurine to anyone who could use a reminder to enjoy the moment. Bisque porcelain. 6"H. 212008 | $45.00

Thinking Of You Figurine Brighten someone’s day by sending good thoughts their way. This sweet messenger shares thoughtful words with anyone who could use a pick-me-up. Bisque porcelain. 6.5"H. 216009 | $45.00

You’re My Hero Figurine With the hearts of heroes, healthcare workers sacrifice so much to help those who need it most. Making a difference every day in the lives of their patients, these selfless healthcare workers are not only essential, but also deeply appreciated. Resin. 6"H.

Black Hair/Medium Skin | 202432 | $37.50 Brunette Hair/Light Skin | 202430 | $37.50 Personalized | $43.50

PreciousMoments.com | 866-336-2554 18

Bereavement Gifts

On Angels’ Wings An angel holding a gentle white dove lets someone special know that loved ones are forever at peace in the glory of Heaven. Musical snow globe plays “Amazing Grace”. Figurine | Bisque porcelain. | 5.25"H. | 213014 | $50.00 Personalized | $56.00 Musical Snow Globe | Resin/Glass. | 5.75"H. | 213102 | $42.50

May Angels Embrace You Photo Frame Holds 4" x 4" photo. Resin/Glass. 6.75"H. 192405 | $36.00

Forever In Heaven’s Embrace Figurine Offer comfort to those mourning an indescribable loss. A loving angel caresses a precious bundle, making sure they are safe forever in Heaven. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 202018 | $51.00 Personalized | $57.00 EXCLUSIVE

Memories Of You Will Bloom Forever Garden Stone Resin. 9"L x 3"W x 6.5"H. 203111 | $27.50



Join the 2022 Collectors’ Club for only $50.00 for a full year!

In honor of all the beautiful melodies and harmonies found in our lives, we are proud to share the Precious Moments Collectors’ Club ® 2022 Symbol of Membership Figurine and Members’ Only Figurines. Centered on the theme “Make Your Own Kind Of Music”, these figurines represent the “music” you make in your life every single day.


A. Love Is The Music 2022 Symbol Of Membership Figurine | CC229001




B. Heart Is The Rhythm | 2022 Members’ Only Figurine | CC229002 | $70.00 C. Joy Is The Key | 2022 Members’ Only Figurine | CC229003 | $60.00 D. Life Is The Melody | 2022 Members’ Only Figurine | CC229004 | $40.00

Precious Moments Collectors’ Club ® benefits* include:

• FREE Symbol of Membership Figurine Love Is The Music • EXCLUSIVE ability to purchase three 2022 Members’ Only Figurines • FREE one-year digital subscription to MOMENTS Magazine, the official publication of the Precious Moments Collectors’ Club ® • FREE shipping † on all eligible purchases • FREE figurine and ornament personalization † on eligible products • EXCLUSIVE ability to earn Share Love Rewards Points three times faster 1. Catalog order form 2. Call 1-877-496-8725 3. Visit PreciousMoments.com/Collectors-Club-Information 3 WAYS TO PURCHASE YOUR CLUB MEMBERSHIP: Club Members receive an invitation to join the official Club Facebook group for exclusive giveaways, pre-orders, and new product sneak peeks!

*Restrictions apply. Visit www.PreciousMoments.com/promotion_club2022 for details. † Valid on eligible purchases made through PreciousMoments.com and Precious Moments Mail Order Division.


Inspiring Gifts

Make Your Own Sunshine Figurine This girl holds a sunflower that always turns its face towards the sunshine, something we all need to do from time to time. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 219023 | $50.00 EXCLUSIVE

Make Every Step Count Figurine Give a gift of encouragement, one that lets them know that every step forward is one in the right direction. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. Blonde Exclusive (shown) | 213015D | $55.00 Brunette | 213015 | $55.00

Dance Like No One Is Watching Figurine This figurine encourages us to embrace all the simple joys in life. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 212009 | $55.00

You Rock! Figurine Let someone know they are amazing with this sweet figurine. Upbeat in every way, this enthusiastic girl shares a positive message of recognition and encouragement. Bisque porcelain. 5"H. Blonde Hair/Light Skin | 216005 | $50.00 Brunette Hair/Medium Skin | 216006 | $50.00 Personalized | $56.00

PreciousMoments.com | 866-336-2554 22

A Figurine For Every Season These exclusive seasonal figurines are only available through PreciousMoments.com, our catalogs, or at the Precious Moments Chapel Gift Shoppe. Display one throughout the current season or all four for a fun celebration all year long!

Complete your seasonal figurine collection!

You’re My Sunny Side Of Life Figurine A day of summertime fun lies ahead for this little cutie in an inner tube. She has flippers, goggles, and a turtle friend, too! Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 219020 | $50.00 EXCLUSIVE

You Put A Spring In My Step Figurine April showers bring May flowers, and puddles, too! This darling girl has donned her yellow polka-dotted galoshes to explore a springtime day. Let someone know they always put a little spring in your step. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 219019 | $50.00 EXCLUSIVE

You Mean SnowMuch To Me Figurine Bisque porcelain. 6"H. 219017 | $50.00 EXCLUSIVE

You’re SoWonder-fall Figurine Bisque porcelain. 5.25"H. 219018 | $50.00 EXCLUSIVE


Share BirthdayWishes

BirthdayWishes! Figurine Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 216003 | $45.00

Happy Birthday! Figurine Bisque porcelain. 6.5"H. 216007 | $45.00

Hoping Your Birthday Is Extra Sweet Figurine Turn a happy birthday wish into a lasting memento with a figurine that encourages someone to treat themselves. Bisque porcelain. 5.25"H. 213009 | $45.00 Personalized | $51.00

You’re The Icing On My Cupcake Figurine Bisque porcelain. 6.5"H. 216012 | $50.00 Personalized | $56.00

Happy Birthday Doll Celebrate a special birthday with good wishes and a darling doll in her very best party attire. Vinyl/Fabric. 9"H. Brunette (shown) | PMC6754 | $40.00 Blonde | PMC6753 | $40.00

These dolls are not toys and are intended for collection and/or display purposes only. For the adult collector over 14 years of age.

PreciousMoments.com | 866-336-2554 24

Growing In Grace Celebrate all the graceful ways she grows with an annual figurine. Made of fine bisque porcelain, each treasure is hand-painted and available in blonde and brunette. Ages 1-10 also available with red hair.

Precious Baby Figurine 2.75"H. Blonde (shown)

Age 4 Figurine 3.75"H. Blonde Brunette (shown) Age 5 Figurine 5"H. Blonde Red Exclusive Brunette (shown) Red Exclusive Age 6 Figurine 5.5"H. Blonde

| 133023 | $27.50 | 133040 | $27.50 | 133023D | $27.50 | 142010 | $38.00 | 142010B | $38.00 | 142010D | $38.00 | 142011 | $38.00 | 142011B | $38.00 | 142011D | $38.00

| 152010 | $38.00 | 152010B | $38.00 | 152010D | $38.00 | 152011 | $43.00 | 152011B | $43.00 | 152011D | $43.00


Red Exclusive

Age 1 Figurine 3.5"H. Blonde Brunette (shown) Age 2 Figurine 3.5"H. Blonde (shown) Red Exclusive

| 152012 | $43.00

Brunette | 152012B | $43.00 Red Exclusive (shown) | 152012D | $43.00 Age 7 Figurine 4.75"H. Blonde (shown) | 154034 | $43.00 Brunette | 154034B | $43.00 Red Exclusive | 154034D | $43.00


Red Exclusive

Age 3 Figurine 4"H. Blonde

| 142012 | $38.00

Brunette | 142012B | $38.00 Red Exclusive (shown) | 142012D | $38.00

Visit PreciousMoments.com for Growing In Grace ages 8-16.


Birthday Train Figurines crafted from the finest bisque porcelain, these hand-painted, sweet surprises become a tradition children look forward to year after year.









Visit PreciousMoments.com for Birthday Train ages 11-16.





Clown Conductor: Bless The Days Of Our Youth Figurine A. 5"H. | 142019 | $40.00 Caboose: May Your Birthday BeWarm Figurine B. 2.75"H. | 142020 | $30.00 Age 1: Happy Birthday Little Lamb Figurine C. 3"H. | 142021 | $30.00 Age 2: God Bless You On Your Birthday Figurine D. 3.75"H. | 142022 | $30.00

Age 3: Heaven Bless Your Special Day Figurine

Age 7: Wishing You Grr-Eatness Figurine I. 4"H. | 142027 | $40.00 Age 8: Isn’t Eight Just Great Figurine J. 4.75"H. | 142028 $40.00 Age 9: Being Nine Is Just Divine Figurine K. 4.25"H. | 142029 | $40.00 Age 10: May Your Birthday Be Mammoth Figurine L. 4.25"H. | 142030 | $40.00

E. 3.5"H. | 142023 | $30.00 Age 4: May Your Birthday Be Gigantic Figurine F. 4"H. | 142024 | $32.50 Age 5: This Day Is Something To Roar About Figurine G. 4.25"H. | 142025 | $40.00 Age 6: Keep Looking Up Figurine H. 5.5"H. | 142026 | $40.00

PreciousMoments.com | 866-336-2554 26

each $ 35 .00

Disney Birthday Parade

Hail To The Princess Figurine Resin | 6"H. | 104402

May Your Birthday Be The Fairest Of ThemAll Disney SnowWhite Figurine Resin | 4.25"H. | 104403

Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Boo – NowYou’re Two! Disney Cinderella Figurine Resin | 4.25"H. | 104404

NowYou’re Three, A Beauty You’ll Always And Forever Be Disney Aurora Figurine Resin | 4.25"H. | 104405

Make A Splash On Your Birthday Disney Ariel Figurine Resin | 4.25"H. | 104406

A Beauty To Behold At Five Years Old Disney Belle Figurine Resin | 4.25"H. | 104407

Have A Fairy Happy Birthday Disney Tinker Bell Figurine Resin | 4.5"H. | 104408

I’m In Heaven To Be Seven! Disney Rapunzel Figurine Resin | 4.25"H. | 114424

Eight Is Great! Disney Jasmine Figurine Resin | 4.25"H. | 114425

Nine Is Divine! Disney Mulan Figurine Resin | 4.25"H. | 114426

Double Digit Dreams Disney Tiana Figurine Resin | 4.25"H. | 193451

Visit PreciousMoments.com for Disney Birthday Parade ages 11 and 12.


Mickey And The Gang

each $ 27 .50

Contents not included. Each sold separately.

Disney Collectible Parade Daisy Duck and Donald Duck Figurine 4"H. | 201702

Disney Collectible Parade Pluto and Figaro Figurine 4"H. | 201704

Disney Collectible Parade Mickey Mouse Figurine 3.25"H. | 201701

Disney Collectible Parade Goofy Figurine 3.75"H. | 201703

Disney Collectible Parade Scrooge McDuck Figurine 3.75"H. | 201706

Disney Collectible Parade Huey, Dewey, and Louie Figurine 3.5"H. | 201707

Each figurine is made of resin and metal and includes numbered stickers 1-8 to honor a special birthday.

Visit PreciousMoments.com for 2 additional Disney Collectible Parade characters.

You Are My Sunshine Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Figurine With sand between their toes and the sea breeze in their ears, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse share a special day at the shore. Bisque porcelain. 5.25"H. 213701 | $90.00

PreciousMoments.com | 866-336-2554 28

DreamA Fantastic Dream Disney Mickey Mouse Rotating Musical Dressed in his sorcerer’s robe and hat, Mickey Mouse from Disney’s Fantasia rises to the challenge before him as the obedient brooms rotate all around. This whimsical musical

figurine rotates and plays the tune “Sorcerer’s Apprentice”. Includes 3 AAA batteries. Resin. 7.25"H. 202706 | $80.00

Scan this QR code® to watch the brooms rotate around in a 360° video.

You Make Every Day Magical Disney Fan Snow Globe

You Make Every Day Magical Disney Fan Figurine Vibrant colored outfits, realistic-looking lollipops, and expressions of pure contentment will endear this figurine to anyone who understands the pure joy of Disney. Bisque porcelain. 5.75"H. 213019 | $80.00 Personalized | $86.00

A sweet moment is captured in this mesmerizing snow globe. This darling couple strolls together with treats in hand. Plays “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”. Resin/Glass. 5.75"H. 213106 | $50.00


Favorite Disney Princess Characters

Explore This World Disney Ariel Covered Box Resin. 4"H. 202036 | $25.00

Explore This Wonderful World Disney Ariel Photo Frame Encourage a sense of adventure with a gift inspired by everyone’s favorite underwater princess, Ariel. Designed with elements from Disney’s The Little Mermaid , this sculpted photo frame is a fun way to showcase an adventurous memory. Holds 4" x 6" photo. Resin/Glass. 8.25"H. 213408 | $35.00

Dreams Come True Disney Cinderella Covered Box Resin. 4"H. 202037 | $25.00

True Beauty Disney Belle Covered Box Resin. 4"H. 202038 | $25.00

True Beauty Is FoundWithin Disney Belle Photo Frame Featuring Belle with her friends Lumiere and Cogsworth, this striking sculpted frame is a fitting way to showcase a truly special moment in time. Holds 4" x 6" photo. Resin/Glass. 8.25"H. 213407 | $35.00

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Contents not included. Each sold separately.

Don’t Let The Magic Slip Away Disney Cinderella Figurine

FollowYour Dreams To Happily Ever After Disney Cinderella Musical Snow Globe Inspire someone to follow their dreams. Designed to capture the tale of Disney’s world-renowned film Cinderella , this enchanting snow globe plays the tune “A Dream Is AWish Your Heart Makes”. Resin/Glass. 5.75"H. 201115 | $55.00 glorious way to frame a favorite picture of a little princess. Holds 4" x 6" photo. Resin/Glass. 8.25"H. 213406 | $35.00 May All Your Dreams Come True Disney Cinderella Photo Frame A sculpted recreation of the moment Cinderella leaves behind her glass slipper becomes a While the gown may sparkle as a glass slipper sits nearby, this figurine encourages us to look past superficial beauty and have courage and be kind. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 201061 | $60.00

You Swept Me OffMy Feet Disney Cinderella Figurine

Simply swept off her feet by her dashing prince, this graceful girl has found her true love at last. Inspired by Disney’s Cinderella , this romantic figurine offers so many darling details to discover. Bisque porcelain. 5.5"H. 212012 | $80.00 Personalized | $86.00


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Forever Blooming Keep Your Love

Our Love Is Forever Blooming Limited Edition Figurine EXCLUSIVE

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