Board Converting News, June 14, 2021

AICC Releases 2021 Sales Compensation Report

2013 (1.5 percent), or between 2013 and 2011 (7.5 percent). Total compensation, which adds actual commission/bonus paid in 2020 with the January 1, 2021, base salary, aver- aged $141,310, which is almost identical to the average re- ported in 2019 ($141,517). The mean base salesperson salary at responding U.S. corrugator plants as of January 1, 2021, was $87,101, which is a 31.7 percent increase over the average reported in 2019 ($66,140). However, the average reported in 2019 was 17.7 percent lower than the average reported in 2017 ($80,339). Total compensation, averaged $213,475, which is an increase of 2.6 percent over the average reported in 2019 ($208,053). Both figures are much higher than re- ported in previous years. The Report offers detailed information on sales objec- tives, base salaries, bonus basis, CRM usage, social media activity, and more both as a national and regional view to allow independent sheet plants and corrugator plants to benchmark their companies. The report also reveals the responses to Covid-19 related questions about vaccination requirements, travel restrictions and more. While these re- sponses represent a snapshot in time, they still provide valuable insight into the sentiments of the industry. All participants in the survey received a complimentary copy of the report, which is available for electronic down- load for $225 for AICC Members and $415 for non-mem- bers. To order the report visit or contact Patrick Moore at

AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, has re- leased its 12th Independent Sales Compensation Report. Based on a survey conducted over the last few months, it is the most comprehensive survey of key sales compen- sation salaries and benefits being paid by independent corrugator plants and sheets plants in the United States. This report received data from 62 independent corru- gator and sheet plants. These companies employ nearly 5,700 full-time employees spread across the entire U. S. In aggregate, these plants sold approximately $2.1 billion of corrugated products in 2020. “Knowing where you stand is vital information in the competition for people, and especially vital when look- ing at the sales function,” said AICC President Michael M. D’Angelo. “This report allows independents to benchmark themselves against others in the industry and in their re- gion. It is a critical way for AICC member companies to ensure best practices and leadership.” As of January 1, 2020, the mean base salary for sheet plant salespersons in the U.S. was $76,621, which is 5.6 percent higher than reported in 2019. This represents an increase substantially smaller than that observed between 2017 and 2019 (19 percent), but closer to increases seen between 2015 and 2017 (3.3 percent), between 2015 and

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