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The bottom line result was improved operational per- formance. “From an MSF perspective Omaha is producing 60-65 percent a month more than prior years,” Cormier says. Overall in the Midwest Liberty Packaging is up well over 20 percent than the prior year. “Even with all of the challenges with COVID and staffing, all four of these sites kept the ball moving.” Theis, Cormier and Gigstead are relatively new to Lib- erty, but each have more than 20 years of industry experi- ence. “We bring a different perspective on how we’re man- aging our business,” Theis says. “Liberty provided us the avenue to do that. Not too many companies would have taken that risk to say ‘Go ahead and move 25 machines and put in a new ERP system and you can have a Falcon and a jumbo as well as moving Omaha Box, and this team pulled it off and are in a position to win.” Preserving Legacies Acquisitions and investments in the Southwest have followed a similar path as the Midwest region. In 2002, Liberty acquired Service Container Corp. and opened a sheet plant in Mexico. In 2014 it acquired Harbor Packag- ing in Poway, California, and in 2018 it acquired Preferred Packaging in Phoenix, Arizona. In March 2021, the compa- ny announced that it had acquired Southern Container, a sheet plant in Houston, Texas. Acquisitions will continue to be a strategic component of growth, according to Homan. “LDI has a strong track record of growth. Our team has done a nice job of this through organic growth in almost all of our markets and by adding in businesses like Omaha Box, Miller Container and others to the family along with their strong teams. Our


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goal is to continue to find potential partnerships and ac- quisitions that make sense and to continue to invest in our capabilities and our team so we can grow with customers who value what we bring to their business.” The approach to acquisitions is not a price first strate- gy. Instead, it is driven more by product mix, location, and most important, company culture. “Culture is a big part of it and the mindset that we are not a mill driven company,”

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June 14, 2021

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