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ment the commitment the Fiterman family has to the area and their Midwest operation.” Liberty’s own CITE Values are a road map for determin- ing if a company is a good fit for acquisition. CITE stands for caring, innovation, trust and excellence. “This a simple way of doing a check to say, ‘Are you living our core values as to how we think we differentiate ourselves as a compa- ny versus another company?’” Fiterman says. “We look for companies that have the same core values, a strong man- agement team and are looking for a company to continue their legacy but be part of something bigger.” Differentiation and customer focus are additional de- ciding factors, he says. “Our box plants have to stand alone and differentiate in the marketplace. Most of the companies out there that would be a target for us are the ones whose owners would say, ‘We’re doing this different and we care deeply for what we have built and want to partner with LDI and never lose our legacy.’” PMMI Media Group Names Newcorn Executive VP

Fiterman explains. “We want to partner with businesses that share our values and add talent and we want to make sure that as we grow the business we keep their legacy alive even as we build Liberty across the market.” Bob Knapp, former President of Omaha Box, says that is exactly why he sold his company to Liberty. “Omaha Box Company was operating with fourth generation family management when we decided the time was right to talk to potential buyers. Being such an established operation, one of our primary concerns was how a sale might impact our employees,” he says. “I have known the Fiterman fam- ily and LDI for over 40 years. Not long after we started discussions with Jack Fiterman, we were convinced Liber- ty would be the best choice regarding the future stability for growth for not only our employees but the business as well. It is evident with the incredible new facility and equip-

With a nod to the increasing value of digital expertise in driving business strategy, PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Process- ing Technologies, recently announced the promotion of David Newcorn from Senior VP, Digital & Data to Executive Vice President of PMMI Media Group. In his new role, the 26-year company vet- eran will be involved in guiding the future di- rection of both PMMI Media Group and par- ent organization PMMI. As Executive Vice President, Newcorn will help oversee budgetary and operational de- cisions for PMMI Media Group and will con- tinue to direct advertising fulfillment, website and product development, audience, IT and marketing. Newcorn will work with President Joe Angel on the evolution of the company’s sales and editorial strategy. Trained as a packaging journalist, Da- vid Newcorn joined Packaging World, then owned by Summit Media Group and now PMMI Media Group’s flagship brand, as a se- nior editor in 1995. A few years later he was tasked with developing a digital strategy. Under his stewardship, digital products grew quickly and now account for half of the com- pany’s total revenue. This successful digital platform proved attractive to PMMI, which acquired Summit Media Group in 2014. Since the acquisition, Newcorn has worked closely with PMMI to integrate the two organizations and to deliver a combined data strategy.


June 14, 2021

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