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for some of them, the damage done by the pandemic has been too severe. These firms have been staying open mostly by virtue of their PPP loans. Once that resource is exhausted, however, they will have some tough choices to make. Liquidating press equipment and other assets probably won’t be advisable, given that liquidation values currently are low. We think this will lead to an uptick in opportuni- ties for tuck-ins and cashless mergers once troubled own- ers realize there are alternatives to locking the doors and selling everything off. When done correctly, these trans- actions create value for buyer and seller alike, even if the A year ago, in a forecast published in these pages during the some of the worst moments of the pandemic, we acknowledged that in the short term, we didn’t know what would happen – the upheaval in the economy had been too sudden, and it was too soon to measure the ex- tent of the loss. We also said that as the threat of the virus started to fade and the economy began to rebound, M&A activity would rebound along with it. seller is struggling financially. The Watchword Is Optimism We’re sticking by that prediction. Today we have vac- cines, hope, and a powerful pent-up desire to get back into the normal rhythms of business. The printing and packaging industries remain among the most highly frag- mented industries in the U.S., and fragmented industries inevitably consolidate through M&As. Owners of printing and packaging companies who are ready to move on to the next stages of their lives continue to search for profit- able exit strategies. We don’t know how far this rebound will take us, but today activity is strong and proposed changes in capital gains rates are driving many to the market. As always, those thinking about deals of their own on either the buy- ing or the selling side are invited to discuss their aspira- tions with us. We’re in the listening business. New Direction Partners is an investment and financial advisory firm formed by Peter Schaefer, Paul Reilly, Jim Russell and Tom Williams to serve the printing & packag- ing industries. Visit


Advantzware provides a flexible and comprehensive sys- tem to address the business management needs of the in- dependent box business, as well as the ERP requirements of full scale packaging plants and integrated companies. With modules for estimating, scheduling, production, inven- tory and accounting, this scalable system supports packag- ing plants that produce corrugated boxes, folding cartons, point of purchase displays, assembled partitions, paper- board products, foam fabrication, as well as distribution of packaging supplies. Advantzware has been in operation for over 30 years and continually enhances our system to ad- dress the needs of the industry. AIR CONVEYING CORPORATION www.accfi Air Conveying Corporation is a recognized leader in the in- dustry of Pneumatic Conveying Systems and has been in business since 1968. As an equipment manufacturer rather than simply a sales organization, we have complete control over the quality of material and products which make up your proposed system. Our equipment is found in Printing, Folding Carton and Corrugated plants throughout the coun- try and the world. Let us build you the best Trim Removal System you ever had. Contact us today. Amtech offers the industry’s most innovative and compre- hensive corrugated and packaging ERP, integrated sched- uling software, and engineered automation technology. For over 30 years, Amtech has remained at the backbone of successful businesses from the independent box makers to the largest integrateds. We keep our customers competitive in an ever-changing economy with options such as custom- er digital storefronts and workflows, business intelligence, automated scheduling for corrugators, converting and ship- ping, proactive roll stock and inventory management, and so much more in an integrated, single vendor environment. APEX INTERNATIONAL AMTECH SOFTWARE World’s largest Anilox and Glue & Metering roll manufac- turer, providing the widest selection of corrugated engrav- ings and complementary services. Anilox engraving options available from our North American manufacturing facility include elongated 75°, 60°, 45°, plus Apex’s patented GTT technology. Glue rolls are produced with Hardened Stain- less Steel and a max TIR of 10 µ for Single, Double Facers.

EskoWorld 2021 Focuses On Digital Transformation

The benefits of digital transformation were the key take- aways from this year’s two EskoWorld events. Running concurrently, an EskoWorld conference program dedicat- ed to suppliers was complemented by an event schedule geared toward brands. Over the course of the events, hun- dreds of packaging professionals gained insight into how automating processes and deploying cloud-based solu- tions can boost efficiency and productivity in packaging.


Albany International has a corrugator belt for every appli- cation. Our reputation for durable performance is the trade- mark of the most dependable belts in service today.



June 14, 2021

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