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Playground Materials At Grounds For Play, we only use quality playground materials — whether you’re purchasing a musical instrument or a full structure. Manufactured at our West Georgia manufacturing facility, our products are proudly made in the USA. Our products are built to last and provide fun for years to come.

Stainless Steel HARDWARE

We offer the look and feel of wood without the unwanted maintenance. Our recycled posts and decks look just like wood without the unwanted maintenance. These reinforced posts and decks are vandal-resistant, protected from rotting or splitting, and have UV additives to protect them from fading. Additionally, this material is resistant to termites, salt spray, and corrosion.

Our textured HDPE panels are strong and UV stabilized.

Our ¾" thick textured high density polyethylene is used for products such as our activity panels. With UV stabilization, we ensure your carefully selected color will remain bright and colorful for years to come. These panels are resistant to staining and graffiti and will not splinter or crack.



Our modular shades block harmful UV rays.

Our rotationally-molded plastics have anti-static inhibitors. Our rotationally-molded plastics, such as those used for slides and tubes, are made of 1/4" thick low density polyethylene (LDPE). They are UV stabilized for reduced fading and also contain anti-static inhibitors.

Our shade fabric blocks 91%–99% of harmful UV rays, depending upon the color you’ve chosen. Our fabric is also flame retardant, with some of our color choices being California Fire Marshal certified.

Our powder coat leaves your structure protected.

We offer stainless steel hardware, so you won’t worry about rust. 99% percent of the hardware we use is stainless steel, with less than 1% being corrosion-resistant coated steel. Our hardware is packaged individually and labeled, allowing for more efficient installation.

NEW! Recycled POSTS & DECKING Our new 6-inch recycled posts and decking not only give our environments a new look but are environmentally-friendly and non-toxic!

Our steel components are primed at the welded areas and coated with 3-5 mils of powder coat to protect your playground from fading and rust. Additional extra-protection coating options for regions, such as coastal, are available.

Rotationally MOLDED PLASTIC | 7


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