2019 de Boulle Magazine

Three Cuff Bracelet in 18K yellow gold. $5,900. Signataire Money Clip featuring our de Boulle Hallmark in 18K yellow gold. $5,600. Men’s Square Ring in 18K yellow gold with diamonds. $5,800.

a book or a story requires a particu- lar voice, depending on its purpose. Often, the difficult and time-con- suming portion of any design pro- cess — be it for jewelry, watches, in- teriors, cars, architecture, anything — is the time spent finding a voice. Design is something that touches ev- eryone’s life. Design is everywhere we go. With jewelry, design certain- ly determines the look of a piece, whether it’s something worn every day or if it’s for making a statement during the most special of occasions. The person and the occasion need to share a voice in that moment. It is this complex idea that makes design

close relatives, battling cancer — but also because she has worked so hard with my father, Denis, to build the business we all work on together to- day. I consider myself privileged to be working with her on the de Boul- le Collection, to continue expanding our men’s line. When we begin on a design, we usu- ally have a place, a mood or a situa- tion in mind. For what became the

such a personal idea. For me, jewelry and watches carry the unique ability to mark the most import- ant moments in life. Those moments can be all too short — so, the right piece is not only a way of cele- brating a moment, big or small, but also of extend- ing one.

is race day — and what that piece would look like. For me, it turned out to be a simple gold cuff, aug- mented along the edges with subtle patterns of the number 3 repeatedly over- laid on itself. In this way, the number 3 happens to also resemble the letter B — a letter most important to de Boulle. From there,

“Design is one of the most complex and personal sides of the jewelry business. You have to look inside at what brings you inspiration, and around at your world.” —Nick Boulle

Boulle’s biggest inspiration

Three Cuff Bracelet, I was struck by a vintage photograph of Steve McQueen riding a motorcycle in a racing paddock. He had not one but two female passengers on the back, as he cruised to the start of the fa- mous 24 Hours of Le Mans car race. My experiences before racing at Le Mans have been very different, to say the least, but that photo made me think about what kind of piece a guy might want to wear in a moment like that — when his only thought

we’ve worked on belts, money clips and more, each subtly decorated to recall, just slightly, our company logo. The goal? Leave a small mark, ensuring that the piece speaks most of all to its lucky wearer. Our men’s collection pieces are perfect for en- graving with initials or a special date — to make sure the occasion they stem from is remembered for- ever, and that each piece is proudly passed down. That is what jewelry — and design — can do.

I’ve grown up marveling at my mother’s motivations and inspira- tions in the world around her. She has found it in the far reaches of the planet, and in the earth’s most mag- ical and rare animals. She has cer- tainly found it in many of her own pets. But, she, herself, is an inspira- tion to me , not only because of the hardships she has endured — immi- grating to the United States with no

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