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belt, Ken was in a perfect position to solve this problem. He envisioned a service that would make purchasing lawn care as easy as shopping online. To provide fair and consistent pric - ing for both parties, TaskEasy devised a solution that utilized satellite image technology to measure actual proper - ty size. This method of aerial imagery helps TaskEasy establish fair pricing across all markets and eliminates the need to physically visit the property to provide a bid. Contractors have since experienced fewer driving expenses, while property owners and managers have seen faster days-to-service and improved downtime as a result. As for managing multiple contrac - tors, TaskEasy’s revolutionary soft - ware makes it easy to maintain lawn care and yard maintenance through a single point of contact. TaskEasy’s

robust ecosystem automates and audits exterior property maintenance services, manages exceptions, and provides reporting and accountabili - ty to clients. No more tracking down contractors, no more wasted resourc - es, no more sorting through photos to verify completion – just a simple solu - tion to managing services for rental properties. Today TaskEasy provides relief to property managers and owners in more than 12,000 cities across the U.S. Through their fair market pricing, data-driven software, and network of more than 15,000 insured contractors, TaskEasy is the simple solution to maintaining rental properties. • Think Realty members receive up to 20 percent off exterior home mainte - nance services.

lawn care for rental properties. With TaskEasy, you can order services and manage your entire rental portfolio online, in one convenient place. Founded in 2013 by CEO Ken Davis, TaskEasy was built to solve a long-standing problem: mowing the lawn. Ken, who was then manag- ing a modest property portfolio, was struggling to maintain his properties curb appeal across multiple cities. He found himself spending countless hours vetting and managing contrac - tors, and it was at this time he also realized that pricing was inconsistent and unfair to both him and the con - tractor. The entire landscaping ser - vices industry was plagued with inef - ficiencies. As an entrepreneur with several successful ventures under his

14 | think realty magazine :: february 2021

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