Second City Real Estate

by Brie Schmidt, Second City Real Estate

C hicago is a unique Real Estate investment market because of the abundance of 2-4 unit residen- tial properties. In 2015 there were approximately 297,000 2-to-4 unit buildings in Cook County. In many of the Chicago neighborhoods where Second City Real Estate is active these 2-4 unit properties make up 30% to 60% of the housing supply. This represents tremen- dous opportunities for both new and seasoned investors to start or grow their rental portfolio. One main advantage in investing in this asset class is the ability to use residential financing. With loan programs from 3.5% to 25% down investors can secure a 30 year fixed rate mortgages at historically low rates and can eliminate much of the complications that come with com- mercial financing and larger multi family projects. Balloon payments, pre-payment penalties, short terms and variable rates and can be avoid- ed in the 2-4 units property class. Additionally 2-4 units properties provide new investors with the

ability to acquire income produc- ing rentals while at the same time providing a place to live. Live in one unit and rent the additional units is a great way to generate cash flow, build equity, and fast track savings that can be used for additional pur- chases in the future. A savvy buyer can buy live in a 2-4 unit property where the owners monthly contri- bution will be far less than that of a single family home or a compara- ble market rate rental apartment. Because of our large network of investor clients, we often sell your property within our network at a lower commission with just one showing. We pre-market the prop- erty to hundreds of investors so you don’t have to deal with multiple disruptions to your tenants and a buyer who is inexperienced and dif- ficult to deal with. Also being some of the highest ranking agents in the area, we have access to a private network for the top 10% of agents to pre-market your property and sell quickly. Second City Real Estate is a full

service brokerage that focuses on helping clients acquire, reposition and sell investment property in Chicago and the surrounding sub- urbs. Our six agents all started out as investors first and later became licensed agents bringing with them a wealth of knowledge from building their own rental portfolios. This ex- tensive experience in acquiring, sell- ing, rehabbing, and managing their own property portfolios provides an invaluable level of expertise for our clients. Our team takes an educa- tion based approach focused on teaching clients to make their own decision when it comes to investing. Education on all aspects of Real Estate investing is the cornerstone of our business success. The team of Second City Real Estate all have first hand knowledge in what it takes to be an investor and be a landlord in the areas that we work. With over 225 rental units owned and managed by our agents we can confidently say "We walk the walk and talk the talk” when it comes to Chicagoland Real Estate investing. •


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